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The Hurricane, Innocence and the Female Zodiac

 9. 2 - 11. 2019,   0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kings -Conjunctions
of the Four Colors and Elements 
 Fire, EarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 18021980 and 1305 
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"Consciousness = day-brightness of the psyche
 = one of the archetypes of the unconsciousness ...

This not too easy fact derives from the fact, that the
 "I" (Ich) has the paradox feature to be subject as well 
as object of its knowledge, otherwise therefrom, that psyche
 is not a unit but a "constellation" in which are still other
 lights other than the Sun. Indeed the subject I-personality,
 w.o.w. the consciousness with its contents, in its different
 contents, in its different aspects is watched  by an 
unconscious, or better,  seen by a watcher placed  in
 the space of the unconsciousness. 

C.G.Jung, Mysterium coniunctionis, Coll. W. 14/2,  § 167.

36. Week 2019

36. Week 2019, Northern Hemisphere

the vertical bar seperates spirit before  time left
spirit which's time has come right
or before noon from afternoon
or perception from imagination

the horizontal bar in every horoscope
imagine as a horizontal slider in amounts of time
from left to right 
from  east = the ascendant of morning "birth"
to west = descendant of "evening"

hence from total unconsciousness left
to conscious presence right

now like light time has two aspects
wave and push

Our ancient myth of the creation in 6 days in the mirror of heaven and earth or God and Earth is in accord with the two times six months named by the zodiac. Hence in a perceived, not imagined awareness like astrology is, each individual is a cosmic instrument of an unfathomable heritage to be discovered by him as his self.

back to wave and push
or Pisces and Aries
Pisces starts the upper way
as meaning
leading to idea 
or Aquarius

Aries the lower way
of burning hunger
leading to 
material reserves
to be found  in Taurus

and so on

but time is more than a slider
time is like
 a kind of two invisible crystal wheels mirroring each other on
spinning Earth' s horizons along the year
spinning within  Sun-Family

these wheels of "times and signs" in their sequential order are symbolized by 
the lord of the circle
the frozen - stream - condition
named Pluto

1912. 4.14. 23:40, UTC 3: 07
Titanic meets the iceberg

See: the someone large, Jupiter,  on a long journey (Sagittarius) out of time (house 12) is at a place in time (ASC) where one just meets Pluto, and  h o w  is one there underway at that place? Answer: look at Sun + Mercury in Aries: 'with steam', in square with Neptune's lot s of green water.

Now, the circle is  t h e  Symbol of completeness. Jung, who called the complete man "Selbst" (self) desribed the self of the archetypus of completeness  as 'the conscious plus the unconscious' man.

now back to this week

we see the lower gods
except by Moon
all rulers of the lower
six stages of completeness
entirely assembled in the sixth'
low sign
the time of female innocence 

the 'female zodiac' is this and Virgo has her position as 12th Sign of push and
1. sign of meaning, hence innocence.

female zodiac, how I know?
wasn't Eva made in another time of the sixth day
than Adam? 
isn't each Eva the completion of each male?
So I augur from this, that when Eva  was made
= Eva's ascendant
Adam was  in the afternoon of his first day

heed the myths

So Eva's sign is the 2
balance = Libra
while Adam's is the 1
outbreak = Aries

And Jung added consciousness of the invisible female part inside of man and the invisible male part in women, and called them 'anima' and 'animus' (girlfriend and friend).

now save Moon all our 'lower'
exclusively personal ambitions are in a stage behind their own one
hence from Aries push till the awareness of Virgo
what the answer of the world
will be.

This is a time of reflection of gain and loss, to be undertaken in behalf of the own best interests
Aries Mars
Taurus Venus
Twins Mercury
Leo Sun
Virgo Mercury
Libra Venus

Now the actual constellation which, incl. next week, compounds the entire complex of rulers and their realms in  r e s o n a n c e  with Jupiter = 'the big one' and Neptune = lots of water. And now look what the Bahamas encountered and what their 32th Septar of the Kings -conjuncion in the earth element tells:

32. Septar earth element 2019 - 2016, Nassau, Bahamas

The Neptune Resonance to this place on the Northern Hemisphere meets fairly accurate  the Sun and Moon-conjunction  of these 7 years

A septar is a rhythmical 'wave' of seven years originally created by a 'Kings-conjunction' of the two biggies Jupiter and Saturn in the Sun-System . They meet every 20 years, as Jupiter's circle lasts 12, Saturn's 29,46 years. When,  after a sequence of about 200 Years meeting in the zodiacal signs of the same element, they meet in the next element in line,  it's a Kings - conjunction. That in the element earth happened on July 17. 1802

and each birthday of the Kings-conjunction, exactly when the Sun is in the original birth-grade and -minute-position,  another 7-years-wave is started. Since July 17, this year we have the 7 year-waves of the 32. birthday 1833 that created the current 7-year -horoscopes for each place on the Northern Hemisphere - so  for unlucky Bahamas.

And Florida?

... very close. Maybe the Jupiter, signifying bigness,
signifies it not only to the storm but also to the luck.

Murnau, 9. 4. 2019. UTC: 16:50.

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