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Red Child Blocked by Saturn in Capricorn

      3. 28. - 4. 4. 2018
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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   13. Week

In his astrology-classes, my teacher Wolfgang Döbereiner gave from 1972 till his death 2014, his guideline always was, in conformity with the great Morinus:

A planet, whatever character it has, is always only able to 'do', 
like the sign allows it, in which the planet is rooming at a moment.

This sign again effects, how the ruler of this sign is placed.

In these weeks, Saturn,  ruling in his own sign  Capricorn, rules Mars and Pluto and via them as ruler of Aries and Scorpio, Saturn rules Sun, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Jupiter and since today also Moon.

This is a rare constellation, at last happened roughly similar in spring 1930. Three times in 100 years Saturn does a full circle, hence one can say 1 Saturn-year = ~ 30 years.

And the natural science uses to say: what does Saturn, a planet far away, should concern us on the Earth?

I call this attitude full of presentiments, taking a blind eye, as far as it ist sealed against psyche, the same cowardness like that of the jounalists in the "free World" against the 'ministries of truth'.

What now effects the domination of almost the entire zodiac (except by Pisces with Neptune) directly and indirectly by Saturn
In this chronicle  is the trend, to reduce the wide panoply of each sign/ruler to a handy term,  to be able to imagine the respective relations of each of the 12 'animals', children of God, archetypes.  Each one in one of twelve possible time-qualities, to be introduced into thinking them as calendrical gravitational bodies in the gravitational field of the Sun.

In the case of Saturn/Capricorn it would be
 ' the father'
 in effect: the  constraint to what's determining 

And hystericlally the dogs of the 'meretrix Babylon' are barking with the sea-powers.


28. 2. 1928, München

That's (was) my teacher, having the same ascendant - sign like myself but with a Moon in 'all-knowing' 12. house
whereas my moon is in the 'blind' 1. House. But that's not I want to tell here.
It's the fact, that my teacher has the Sun in house 9 = in time
while my birth wa with Sun in house 10 = before time

House 9 is like the funnel, house 10 like the nozzle.
here in the diary their rulers
father Saturn
in the image of  nozzle giving the 
essence beyond time living borders in us
and the funnel  whose width is embracing 
the whole equator- wide circle
of nature

The funnel for the zodiacal floating of time in both directions

Capricorn ~ tenth house ~ 'immer' ~ ever
Sagittarius ~ nineth house ~  Zeit ~ time

hence everyone has the 12 three times: 
as sign
as light/planet 
as house

sure, it's impossible, to comprehend this multiplicity. But it's a difference between complete ignorance and taking notice of their configuration and  calmly awaiting and watching their effects.

As to Capricorn, 'son', 'funnel' and 'master Dö' had once in his famous  12 Tierkreis -trichtern -büchern  a full panoply of Capricorn in the code of the year:

prussian blue
to prune

to adjust
the form

the public order
the police
form of community
community law
civil law code

the conservative
the tradition
the tribe
the galeria of ancestors

the firmness
the density
the rigor

the square
the rectangle


the concentrate
the frame
the plan
the programm
the model
the contraction

the retrenchment


work ,dilligence

the depth
the pillar
the pier

the chill


the universal

the conifer
the forrest

the barrage
the blockage
the center
the city
the assembly
the gathering

the tea
the juniper
arsenicum album


funny, it's me having to add:
~ house 10

There are cases, the settlement, the reunion, and others, I'd like to contemplate with master Dö. , when I' m back beyond, like where he is now, e.g. all of my astrological life to me the living center was  Leo/Sun but Saturn the center in the meaning of the immovable axis of two poles, one for each hemisphere.

I think this symbolical clearing up is given to generations to come, like reading and writing was, and geniusses like Döbereiner gave us a precious groundwork for anybody and a lot of PhD - work might be  waiting in the corners of philosophy of  times coming .


A Square-resonance  is to contemplate this week from and to Capricorn:
Mars/Saturn with Sun and later Mercury retrograd. They unite in the paradox of  enforcement of the interest of the individual ~ Aries and coincidently restriction to the interest of the community ~Capricorn.

At that now is involved our fire-aeon in the unconscious elementary depth and height of our psyche by the red Pluto and his resonances in the zodiac. He also calls for the waiver in the outer world (Aries) in favour of the soul. Pluto ~ the code of waiver of deviation in  life from the established circle (e.g. DNS).

So: Venus, Uranus, Pluto, red Pluto, olive Sun, blue Pluto connected this week.

No reason is able to conceive that, cause there are effects from long ago reacting this week and the next one, hence let's have them divine  'players' their divine game, and let's watch the demonic players in  theirs.
And let's , as far as possible comprehend:

3 x Pluto ~ 3 times waiver of deviation

Venus + Uranus ~ second mirror
heaven and earth united

Pluto-fire ~ waiver for appearence
Sun-earth ~ dedication to nature
Pluto - air ~ waiver for conceptual deviation

And Mars and Saturn united this week into the next one, also a paradox union, like impatience and + quiescence or greed and + humility.

Not paradox united, but according to their one another excluding nature, is this constellation infamous for State and individual violence.

Concerning US-America this constellation would be shocking, in respect of red buttons, had not this nation elected a born master of paradoxes, to avoid the doom ...

And the green child Neptune in Pisces has just to be mirrored or reflected by Mercury, the talking brain in Aries, while the red child (Mars)  appears to be blocked by Saturn in Capricorn.

2018 13. Week

3. 26. 2018 UTC 16:55, in English: 3. 28. 2018, UTC: 21:21.



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