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A Glimpse on the Wholeness ...

4. 4. - 11. 2018
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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14. Week 2018

Today at noon  the key was ready.
12 archetypes parting the whole.
one can formulate the oracle exactly.
Those who wish something else
will not be able to make sense of it.

Diary note  12. 20. 2006

Past Erster the oracle of a memorable week
the solemnity of the roman christianity
crucification and
resurrection of the

further in the forest ~ Capricorn
Saturn + Mars and Pluto
within the eternal
red child

Mars remains in the resonances of his 
with Saturn
~ conjunction of energy + obstacle
and into this pattern the realms of Aries
have to fit in
be it Sun ~ heart
~ the world-brain  Twins
~ the soul -brain Virgo
~ the god who tries to
become  man

and unfathomable long before there were people
this ~ combination has been repeated
at the Sun- and Moon-sky of the Earth
refined for unfathomable times
in the fine tissue of the living given

hence we have not to do anything
but to let it 
come to us
what is nourishing us
meaning: bold patience
needed till our way 
different for each one of us
comes into being in front of our eyes
in the ineluctable goodness of the
precoceiving his incomprehensible
psychophysical piece of art
called man

and in this way since the beginning of all
is enacted the ability
of the eighth in us
of the eight sign Scorpio
allowing us to render the 
emotional depth
necessary for the waiver of
Taurus, Aquarius, Leo
~ indulgence, freedom, lust
the keep humble faith to the love of
one's heart

8. virtue
in the golden circle
the build-in ability for waiver

and it's ruling son of God Pluto
being involved as the third 
into the oracle of Saturnand the pattern of this week
hence Jupiter in Scorpio
in waiver by discernment
into God' s spinning time-funnels
in our presuppositionsfilled unconscious being
as family of a star


remaining uninvolved by the oracle of Saturn
is Neptune the green child an god of Pisces
as allgood divine sense
in the unconsciousness

at last
in satiation
Venus in Taurus
at last 
again dwelling and rooting
in security


all rhythms of the above contemplated planets
ruled by Saturn
are fulfilled by resonances of the light blue element air ~ thinking
and the middle-heavy green element water ~ feeling

the chart above tells it distinctly
there are
Sun and Mercury of air
Sun and Mercury of  water

ruling our unconscious common aeon since

the birth-horoscopes of the four elements
are called  Kings-conjunctions

Sun and Mercury
heart and brain
of the gods
in elementary height and depth
of the psychophysical
unus mundus

our aeon is
our unconscious collective
elementary 'socket'
above our conscious thinking
underneath our conscious feeling
ruled by
ascertainable actors
great given to mankind
and a rare one

Mars  is in this resonance-space each 1,6 years for a week

while Saturn meets it each ~ 30 years for
- with interruptions- about  2 years 

right now Saturn is appearently stopping at 9,1° Capricorn his move forward to become 'retrograd'
and  not until December will be again where he is now: 1.3° away from the Sun of air.

Saturn + Sun ~ heart of the father
Saturn + Mercury = ways of the father

Capricorn  ~ father of the zodiacal man

And also Venus had a meeting with the aeon of the four elements in our unconscious preconditions:
on Monday she hiked over the green Moon of the water-element of  1305  giving the feeling of
emotional security in the community a homestead


all consideration so far dealt with the bright day-world of the Sun

now yet a glimpse on the complementary world of the night and the fourth element with it's
immutable inclination to meet at the deepest places on earth
the water's world of the physical and psychic rivers,
the inner world of feeling 
the pschic roots of being
out of which the inner life emerges ruled by Moon
as ruler of  the fourth sign and element

til Friday evening with Moon the god of the  inner view shines above the world of
commitments and ties
of faith and loyalty to a lucky coincidence of hearts
and bodies

coming Saturday/Sunday with Moon in Capricorn the inner view gathers the transpersonal and
trans-temporal yardsticks and regulatives which assumes temporal existence in the state.

Since Sunday evening till Wednesday night Moon in Aquarius and the feeling is at home in the
godness of one  comprehending a glimpse on the wholeness of something or, last stage, of all

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