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Father has 11 - Child has 12

4. 23 - 5. 2.  2018
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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The following sentences of a Psychologist I can assume unchanged as my confession
on an astrologer:

" Our intention is a best-possible conceiving of life, like it is
appearing in the soul of man. What we are learning by this 
comprehension, shall - so is my sincere hope - not  petrify
 in form of an intellectual theory, but become a tool,
by which's practical usage its features will become
better, so that it  can fulfill it's aim as perfect as possible.
The better  adaption of the human conduct of life is it's 
purpose, namely the adaption in two directions (disease
 namely is deminished adaption). Man has to be adapted in
two directions, Once to the outer life - profession, family, 
society - and then to the vital requirements of his own nature.
Negligence of the one or the other necessity can lead to desease.

Coll. W. 17, § 172. (transl. by me)

And I want to add my late insight, that my astrology hardly might help anybody, to whom it hasn't 
become a tool for his/her own astrology. Only the self-walked way of astonishment leads to own thinking. Astrology is astonishment.
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17. Week

Still upsetting the plans and knocking over
the walls of the fakers
Uranus the toppler
does his 'spell'
in Aries
of the zodiascal man

and in whatever house Aries is ruling in
your horoscope

364 Weeks 
= 7 years 
84 Years
the last tree weeks ...
in the realm of
Mars in Capricorn

ruling Uranus' ideas
 and Mercury's names
in the polar garden
where the eternal father
rules Mars and Pluto

since today
cause she stepped today into Mercury-ruled

so the only time in the zodiac
not being ruled by godly chains of  the father
Pisces with Neptune in it's
'Octopussies eternal Kindergarden...'


Sun heart
of the zodiacal man
further on
in Taurus
collecting securing
satiating waxing

in that ou our house
in which Taurus rules
according to Venus in Twins
and so on

and Moon
 our view inside
floating answerer to our Souls calls
this week wandering through the three late
of the four chambers of soul
and without of us
in universe
so through
adaption = Virgo
balance = Libra
commitment  = Scorpio 

while Jupiter remains at the upper
edge of the funnel of outlook


offenvive adventure by good reconnaissance
in co-resonance with father's stipulation

ressources are emigrating off collecting
towards resarch and infrastructure
included the center = heart

Murnau 22. 4. 2018, UTC 15:14.
Post Montag 23. 4. 2018 UTC 14:19
In English 4 25 2018 , UTC: 14:58.


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