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Roots, Balance and Sacrifice - Mars on High Ground

18. - 27.  2. 2019,
0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 FireEarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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8. Week

"I am small
my heart is pure

" ...on the other hand we have to  emphasize
with all the more insistence, that an ever so
 small change at the pschic factor, in so far as it
is of principle nature, has highest relevance
for the perception and constitution of the
worldview ..."

C.G. Jung, 
Theoretical Deliberations to the Essence of the Pschic
Coll. W. 8, § 423

Where in Jung's chain the "worldview" epitomizes the youngest and last link, there is something like the zodiac, crystallizing out of the flow of time and things the crucial last "small change", receiving man with calm and limits in the here and beyond all temporality.
Our daily dying and being newborn - practiced each day - and a daily at-hale and exhale of the flame of life, is performed in the circles of time.
And in the justness of the zodiac each 'element' is given threefold as:
element - soul - spirit
of a time - cut- condition
precisely assorted and ordered
by the zodiac
and by the gods/archetypes
on the 12 playground of each single birth
and to each of us is given:
the anonymous great and small man
below our sensual consciousness
as which each of us
 in his and her individual
might bring into 
eternal life

8. Week

lord of energy
ire impatience and hunger
Lord of Aries
 male beginning 

relocated into Taurus
into female holding
non-associated within the realm
of association

Venus in 
once a year-visit
with Pluto
in Capricorn

even in Capricorn Venus remains Venus
gathering rooting and marrying
in the garden of justice
or on Swiss alps
Venus + Pluto
love and waiver
of arbitrariness

all our 
of calculation and reckoning
after the dissolving visit of Neptune
for another two weeks
in the eternal backgrouds of 
in life

and Sun
our Star and heart of the cosmic family
in Pisces 
in the womb of goodness

visiting   water- Mars'
early feelings
today visiting earth-Moon
stable shelter
in the anonymous realm
of innocence

where next Monday
Sun will visit
earth - Pluto
heart + commitment
to the canon of time
like a rocky circle
in rotation under the surface
of consciousness

while Moon is shining upon the realms of soul
from Leo to Scorpio along the week
again from heart to commitment

Murnau, Wednesday , February 20. 2019 UTC: 22:26.


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