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Man Only Might Win the Honor


12. 6. - 15. 2021. 0:00 UTC
under the northern zodiac 

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"So the first knowlede of soul-based legitimacy and regularity
of all things were found in the stars, and another in the 
unknown matter."

C.G.JUNG.  Der Geist Mercurius', (The Spirit of Mercury),
 Coll W. 13,  §  285.

"Regardless of our conscious conviction is everyone without
  exception, insofar he is an particle of mass,  somewhere
gnawed,  tinged or  even  undermined by the spirit that
goes through the masses."

C.G.JUNG, Paracelsus als geistige Erscheinung, 
(Paracelsus as Spiritual  Phenomenon) 
Coll. W. 13,  § 153

(all translations by me)

The astromundane diary, led by mundanomaniac, illustrates weekly, what happens to the collective mass-partikel currently in it's different 12 and ten dimensions.

the entire year yet
 of fate
above our abilities



in the fourth quadrant
coming content
smaturing yet
not yet in time and world
and Sagittarius

only Uranus
like the religion
 of the unvaccinated
might enjoy the tolerance
of the vaccinated
in a coming world

while Uranus 
is free thinking
is confidence in
heaven's order and chaos

and the herd
our Taurus and Libra
has by Venus
to adjust to Saturn's 

like in high mountains
Venus' humbleness
constraint on what is

and a new government in this constellation consisting of 3 particles of the common 12 in Berlin

not before April
  Venus will be through
with Capricorn 

further in Capricorn
since 2008
is Pluto
humbleness and renunciation
of heart
and brain in the moment
ids due
and the situation is full 
of renunciation

and the Scorpio-things
will remain in Capricorn
till 2024
in the 'mountains'
10th's sign
third mirror
  before and 
beyond temporality
 Anthropos' fith mirror
Scorpio tolerated by Leo
Pluto takes
the soul 
into the high mountains
of afterlife

always a preperation

for the winged spirit
following Capricorn
as airy stage of Aquarius
 on our way  back to 

Aquarius in nearness 
waiting for Venus
but who is 
soon going retrograde
 till March has to wait
the left side
tolerating the right one's
and hosting the son
together keeping the measures of the

winged by Uranus 
tolerated by matter

And it hence befells the unconscious 'conscious'
  but always heavenly complete human, 
the zodiacal man in us, 
 Anthropos in us,
 the honor of man, 
to be a good cook of the elements
of spirit and matter
heaven in Earth
like banks  of rivers
encompassing human soul 
our - completeness in unconscious condition -
each moment.

The Anthropos in each of us
certainly consists
psychically like physically
like the zodiac tells us

in the lower half
of the 1. and second quadrant
 mirror of  6
days of creation
Aries till Virgo

6 times 6 answers  
6 creating gods 
12 children
of God
up above the horizon
spirit in man

the animal below doesn't know
not the ant and not the 
canny raven

man only
might win the honor

49. Week 2021

more or less 
each personal conscience
is surface
above the waters
mirroring  the depthts 
of time
in the elements and the zodiac
in the psyche of Anthropos
 holy unknown 
in us


And by our ascendants we, all of us,  have our individual 'plug' to 'plug in' into the meaning of the great wheel of the ttimes and signs', which is perceived as our star Sun and his children, the planets, on the I of our Earth in the wash of the waves of times and the thunder of things.

49. Week 2021

in the zodiac
appearing as
roving bevond
the settlements

where is
in this time
an undershoot due
by Mars
who serves
the involuntary sacrifices
another week
in the leaing images of 
and his  images
of faith and 
so for six weeks
each year

and where dilligently
value is scooped
and renunciated
there is health
inside by
gods-massage in Anthropos
and his sister/wife

and here we have the last six days
in renewal of
the custodianship
of Pluto

and next we are
with Taurus of Anthropos
who here is yet unconscious of his soul
but mirrores
in the unconscious
harbouring the spirit
in the hormonal
social life of the herd
and Uranus ' spirit 
on man

followed by
next step to
delivering the 
sensory impression from outside
in the symbol of Mercury
who as hermaphrodite
is male and female
and who currently
on the acres  of Sagittarius
in the moment of origin
of the joining idea
cause Sagittarius' Jupiter
is in unexpectes vision of

and the rolls in Anthropos are distributed as follows:

impuls happening
in the images of renunciation
in square-resonance
with Jupiter
of time with pre-time

herd in us and around us
like Venus
above the herd
collecting and building
this week united 
with brother Pluto
of Scorpio
by resonance of  freedom of air
with the
bondage of water
in the crystal of 

Venus' organic greed
for food relish and security
which Libra holds
in balance by mating
is finally balanced by conjunction with
waiver and renunciation
in favour of the 
 presence of the coming
in Saturn's house Capricorn

after death
of temporality
on the way back to the Ascendant
is allowed in Aquarius
to spread the wings
 of spirit
in the soul
above the immortal waters
of the depth
which start to mirror
the spirit of the creating divinity

To the union of Mercury and Sun in Sagittarius is to add the square = snchronicity of these two soul-conditions with Neptune in Pisces,  the childlike innocence as the 13th fairy of the week. This results in the product of insight and reconcilliation in eternal childlike surrender to the fatherly thoughts.

Thereby it's the soul od Anthropos, more precisely we are it, who find in us the roots of feeling in the stream of life - Cancer - finding the reconciling spirit mirroring in the puddle soul, wanting to be attending as 'Self' in the everyday of the feeling individual.

who receives like this
spirit and heaven
in heart and brain
moving into
the providence
of meaning and form

And again likewise in the background the great fateful resonance, all 10 years of the synchronicity of the resonances  of Saturn and Uranus, this time in square of Aquarius and Taurus

heaven and Earth
2. mirror
tower and bow
image of the bridge

Every 10 years the bridge-builders are born to mankind, reborn in childlike innocence.

Bottom line of the week: the severing, reconciliating, sacrificing and sanctifying spirit of fate is in the 4. quadrant is hence not in time and world but in front of it. Only Uranus, hevan and spirit in thoughts, above the social herd is in the latter, budding as coming tradition.

And here the  transits of the week, meeting the Kingsconjunctions in the four elements:

Murnau, 6. 12. 2021, UTC : 15:46. und UTC 16:20.

In English: 12. 8. 2021, UTC: 16:49 and 17:58.


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