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To Escape the Delusions About Homo - Study Man's Heavenly Footprint


11.  29. - 12.8. 2021. 0:00 UTC
under the northern zodiac 

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"The essence of consciousness is the concentration on few
contents, which at most are increased to possibly  utter
height of clearness. Consciousness has  necessary  conse-
quence and premise the  exclucion of other  current likewise 
conscious-able contents. This exclusion causes  inadvertently
a certain onesidedness of the content of consciousness. 
Since now to the differentiated consciousness of the civilized
human by the dynamic of the will has given an effective tool
for the practical  execution of it's contents at hand, so with 
the  increasing formation of the will an all the more danger
of  aberrance into onesidedness and of  disgression into 
lawless- and rootlessness looms. The primitive man  therefore 
labels himself  -  by nearness to instinct, like the animal -
 through neophobia and tradition-boundness. After our taste, 
he is in an embarrassing way backward, while we praise the 
progress.  But indeed our progressiveness  on the one side 
enables a lot of the most beautiful  wish fulfillments, but on the
 other side  heaps a likewise gigantic, promethean debt, which 
 from time to time  requires redemptions  in the form of 
portentous catastrophes.

C.G.JUNG, On the Psychology of the Child-Archetype, Coll. W.  9/1 § 276

"promethean debt",  conf. Prometheus = the Titan-son,  cheater to the father of the gods.

When is the next catastrophe due? God only knows , ask  symbol of Zeus, the fatherly god with the scales weighing fairness of our ways.

From him we can learn to understand us, our promethean dept by studying him in the astrology of the bygone catastrophes.  We can learn, in the orders of our star's natures,  and learn what the transits on the Kingsconjunctions, of our two big brothers
on the level of the four elements- mean   and their Kingsconjunctions - what they tell to us in our  12 hours-rhythm   tell us what the resonance of our unconscious truths and the error of projection do with us.

Due is observation what is or will be underway haping the days and the weeks in the 12 times a year in the mirror of the Anthropos- and Sophia-mirror. This is a whole program of philosophical life in all 12 parts the zodiay by individual basic array provides.

And we can study, what the 'long waves' of their septars indicated, when in weeks like every week the unthinkable happened, in god and bad ways parted and therefore , as it's man's honor, to be able  find one's , his and her, holy way of productive  living in an effortless way.

An example 
e.g. - concentrated on the current ruling  Kingsconjunction (till 2577) the earth - elemnt's KC is for the earthly things the prevalet one, by providing the Jar, Vessel, Vascular, the container for the union of the four different elements
fire earth air water.and in the zodiac they have their 4 birthdays. Cornerstones of transits and septars shaping our fate.

An Example in observation

 since the early 20th century four of fife 
'gods of fate' 
are connected in 'fighting' square
Neptun Uranus with Saturn Pluto

averted from their own shadows
them being projected 
on the collective  neighbors

 the world of families
in the early 20th
to build the bridge
to oneness

here the 17. birthday of
1802 in earth-element

Northern Hemisphäre
17.7. 1818
since/till 17.7. 
1914 - 1921

end with plans and traditions

here the 20'th birthday
of 1802

Northern. Hemisphäre
17.7. 1821 for
 1935 - 42
the perfect end with plans
 birth of new traditions

here the succession

Northern  Hemisphäre
17.7.1942 - 49
the perfect end of plans 

by birth of collective  waiver

by contrast our now:

Northern Hemisphäre
17.7. 2019 - 26
further rebirth of the singular
collective waiver
form of time
 by waiver of aberration
from Gods
6 mirrors in each 

Look: the things of the earth-element are since 1802 always in Cancer, the lap of the (female) ruler of every day life.

Like between 154 - 1007 .

The Northern Hemisphere  is  currently in it's  7 years of cleaning constellated by the heavenly child of truth and dissolution of lie, Neptune , aka the secret of truth  sharing time with Sun & Moon, heart & belly. 

Landscape of fate see here.

48. Week

 image like last week
constant resonance
of the third quadrant
with the fourth quadrant
spirit of truth

right at the front
the igniter
in Scorpio's
self denial
speaking like
Luke 12.49

“I have come to set the world 
on fire, and I wish
 it were already burning!"

this fire burns this time
in the 5th mirror
in Scorpio's demand
to be mirrored by
aka Leo
i.e be lived
in waiver for the breed
forged by the heart
of this time in the
the crystals
 of the 12 signs

and in the truss
of man
 the carpenters of arrived time
with Sun and Mercury
conciliating  insight
mirroring fire of dicernment
in the  water
of familiar human feeling
of the zodiacal man
in us

48. Week 2021 
six mirrors
of Anthropos

and here the resonances of the gods with one another


Mars square Jupiter

to Aquarius

resonance relation
from soul to spirit
the understanding  the unexpected


it's maximum
all 10 years
great square
Saturn with Uranus
tradition with revolution
from heaven to 
ground and back 
to heaven

high tight earth
winged intuition
symmetry with  asymmetry 
 all of December


meanwhile Venus
in the house of 
building the high hall of
together with 
providing the protocoll
of loyalty in love


this week 
Union of
Mercury with
narrative of curiosity
with the quote
of heart


while Moon
refreshing and daunting
depending on 
reception of the unconscious or
averting it

this week till Friday
 Moon in the care of the soul
later after Scorpio
in the last third of the zodiac
reserved for the spirit

and eventually the conjunctions with rulers of the four
of Saturn und Jupiter 

48. Week 2021

Sun and Mercury
Saturn and Jupiter
of fire
father and son
of the  fire-element

Mercury next week
conjunction with
blue Venus
of the air-element

Jupiter with
of the  water -element

Kingsconjunction- observation- task for mankind
to escape the delusions
about homo
Murnau, 12. 1. 2021, UTC: 15:25.


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