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Too Late for the Dabble - the Father's in the Sky


12.13. - 22.2021. 0:00 UTC
under the northern zodiac 

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" [...]  the object of  insight is an individual, thus a relative 
exception and irregularity. It is therefore not the  general and 
regular, but  rather the one-off, which  denotes the individual.
It is not as a cyclic unity, but as a one-off unita to understand, 
which   unltimately neither can be compared nor   realized."

C. G. JUNG, Presence and future, Coll.W. 10, §495


"lat. religere

"A  thorough care and sttention of  whose, what RUDOLF OTTO
has aptly mentioned the 'numinosum', namely a dynamic 
existence or effect,not being caused by an arbitrary act ..."

JUNG, Psychologie und Religion, Coll. W. 11, § 6

(there in sticks' numen' = divine nodding as sign of  grant)

That  discerns gods (and angels) in the imaginatin of man, that they always and entirely are colourfull but 'one type only". As men however we are hybrid forms, from mini to makro, from child to sage

harking back to the heavenly/earthly raster, consisting  of quarters  of body, soul, image and spirit.

In this regard too large a being -undevided might be as extreme as a kind of too little being -undevided and in the living stream between two extremes everyone has his/her  one-off home - of whose what- about the consciousness doesn't know anything , just the horoscope can tell the individual of it's stroctural or poetic mixture.

The individual being a mixture in the raster of the  12  (time) houses of the year = 12 signs in our human conscious reception (no animal can doo that) it's order  of f the zodiac:  a spirit of a time becoming image: time signs. The great human adventure of conscious navigation in the ocean jungle of time.

The places of God are everywhere, provided one holds for the godhead having the ability to dance in the  rhythms of his star Sun and the music of his children on the  heaven of Earth.

Nobody is twice present in  universe, and nobody is present unless in his/her ascendant.

astromundane diary 
noting the zodiac 
as the ascendant 
of the zodiacal man
as ascendant
of the god-man
 in man's
streaming spirit to image
space to life

in us as 'Anthropos'

 0° Aries

the blind drive
of fire in man
firstly present
air and iron
hiking in 'Anthropos'
 the light of spirit
reconciliating the  singularities
light of the son

 eleventh house of 'Anthropos'
in the male spirit
 far from
the center of 
the whole
from above
eagles eyes of spirit

the contents of the unconscious
in part with
trees and animals
in the secure expectation
of the coming

50. Week 2021

Mars in Sagittarius
gaining dynamic
while thinking
in world-observation
yet radiating 
 Sun in Sagittarius
 warm strength of 
restrained I-power
above the spirit-reconciliated

this last week
for this year

the brain of
body and soul
Twins and Virgo
Sagittarius to Capricorn
from oasis to high mountain
into austerity
 now together
with Venus and Pluto

and Venus
since last week
 going to stand still there
 to become retrograde
on the heavenly board
till April
coalescing  with
brother Pluto
a yes with a no

the strict  trial of Venus' 
 by Pluto's 
according to Scorpio
in father's house
severance by all individual contents
high mountains gear
the supertemporal patterns
fittimg for everyone

waiver and austerity
paradox wealth of
psychic intensity
in unconscious resonance


and a further  resonance of the week is:

 great square
each 10 years
Saturn with Uranus
tower with arc
mountain with wing
in the heaven of thoughts
invisible like thoughts
the coming former feeling just

and it's the time
where the heavenly thoughts
hoovering in Taurus 
on Earth
spirit of unconscious
 hybrid wholeness
antcipating the coming father
like every 84 years 

At the end yet the colors of the four elements in conjunction with corrent lights and planets this week:

Two rulers of fire: Mars und Sun

meeting three time fire and on e time air according to the Kingsconjunctions in the four elements:

2021 50. Week

1. Mars and Mercury : Ire and early ways of insight.
2. Sun and Neptune:the heart and the innocence of thinking. 
3. Sun und Sun: The brightest and warmest place in the current zodiac.
4 . Sun und Venus: great early conjunction of the hearts.
5. Mercury and  Sun: 
5. Mercury and Mercury:
6. Mercury and Sun:
7. Mercury and Mercury:

Fire is earlyness

The father is in Aquarius'
airy realm of invisable things like thoughts

Mercury Venus, and Brother Pluto
in father's house like right laws

While Mars and Sun are in  Son's house like insights

And Mangod Uranus in Venus ' fruitfull house
of bodily community

while she is in  father's  house
with brother and brain
herself remainuing till April
but  brother till 2024

so it's a cluster in setting stones

all too late 

father is away

in the sky

Murnau, 12 . 15. 2021, UTC: 17:15.



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