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The Week Past 12. 17. 2021 with the Benevolent Colletive Balance of Future - in Origin


12. 20. - 29. 2021. 0:00 UTC
under the northern zodiac 

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"As generally one has the opinion, that one be that, what his 
consciousness  knows of himself, one holds oneself to be  innocent
and thus adds to the malice the corresponding stupidity. Indeed
one cannot  deny, that horrible things have happened and still
happen, but always it are the others, doing such things. And
insofar such deeds belong to the nearer or farther  past,  so
they  sink swiftly and benevolently in the sea of oblivion, and 
those lostness in dream, which one denotes as 'normal condition'
appears again. To that now  in terrifying opposition stands, that
 nothing has vanished ultimately and nothing is restored."

C.G.JUNG, Presence and Future, Coll. W.  10, § 572.

JUNG wrote this in hindsight of the atrocities of WW II. The German/Japanese rampages between  1936 - 1945 were the pinnacle of 500 years of colonialistic  rape and looting  by the sea-powers of the rest of the world with little exceptions.

WW 2, after WW 1 marked the moments in history, after the world was partitioned, that the predators went for to eat each other. Now the only remaining 'democratic' worldwide super-predator USA is confronted with the  two large continental powers, which were not involved in the worldwide looting, but envisaged as the ultimate prey. Unfortunately after all they managed to emerge as economicly and militarily the new superpowers - without any colonialistic history and aspirations,  and with respect and love for natives and minorities. Thus being the natural leaders on the Planet's Northern Hemisphere, any hope of mankind is with them,  the hope of mankind, for an  multicentered worldorder of mutual respect and decency.

51. Week

After weeks of a constantly growing propaganda-campaign against Russia,  allegedly planning war aginst the US-vassal Ukraine, Russia now answers with a 'stop-ultimatum' towards the empire,  containing the draft of an encompassing peace-convention on the modus  'peace for all' is peace for everyone.

Braced is this draft with unequivocal denouncement of  military-technical actions, if Russia's red lines are not respected.

The draft was handed to the US last Friday. As  deadline for a substatiated answer was given some mid  January. The US surprisingly  said, they will answer on Friday Dec. 24.  Chrismas present to mankind said the dreamer.

For an astrological blog this exceptional developement, where all contradictions appear to be 
knotted in one complex, is a challenge to exhibit the synchronicity , the complex mirror image of  heaven above Earth has grown to,

it is the spirit of all these things in our unconscious rightfullness here on Earth which complex unfathomable richdom is in the opal soul given by terra and the times

to be mirrored by  Mercury's Twins in Anthropos, zodiacal man and woman, just in Capricorn's winterly dream of rectified realities.

To be sure, I'm holding for Russia to be  t h e  p o l a r  n a t i o n  on the Northern Hemisphere, among her peers. Hence the polar sign to be Capricorn ruled by Saturn the fatherly god and genius.

 According to this opinion the current weeks are of enormous complexity for:

 apex of the zodiac  
above and within 
the high and polar zones

Taurus by Venus
 borders of territory

Libra by Venus
balance of interests

Twins by Mercury
neutral rules

Virgo by Mercury
adaption on given interests 

Leo by Sun
for respect
of respective nature and interests

Scorpio by Pluto
readyness for due waiver 

coming weekend unites

Now the deeper background of the status being signified by 

Capricorn's ruler in
rule goes for Capricorn
only able to rule
as far as
allowed by Aquarius
Saturn's master 

hence to the US is to seal the Seal, the Sea Eagle-  realm of airAquarius, to me appears to be signified by the USA, the planetary stronghold of 'airy' liberalism. Hence even in it's decline holding sway on the worldwide planetary liberal propaganda, configurating the perceptive conditions, of  the mass of single non-matured innocent believers.

But, according to the upper mentioned rule

Aquarius' Uranus
 can only do 
according to Taurus'
symbol of material security
wherein Uranus
is  placed
 his ruler
is still
 in fixed conjunction
 with Pluto
on  Capricorn's 
fatherly throne
to become a fatherly sister
and a fatherly Brother
of man
so Saturn 
the North
apeares to be the ultimate
determiner in this
game for peace

 and till  March in ('Russia's') polar condition Capricorn, whereby in the first week of March again being clinged by Pluto and his demand for due waiver.

Moreover Mercury the negotiator met 

blue Sun/Merkury
green Sun/Mercury

in this week of US intern meditation about the Russian ultimatum, (politely declared as not being such by Russia),  the resonance of both, water's and air's collective (Capricorn's) feeling and ratio .   Mercury= ratio and emotion = Sun.

After all, the opponents of right  and left, or tradition and revolution, or conservativision and revolutionarity, Saturn and Uranus are in the last apex of their current square, which yet lasted the first half of this year. Their synchronicity occures in conjunction, squares and opposition each ten years and asks for the union of opposites, being the spiritual version contrary to the primitive fight of them opposites.

Another chance or calamity for mankind, the next one coming in 10 years, provided, we are still here then.

For the record here the horoscope of the one , who is greater than his person: he himself - Saturn-Uranus-square - is a great bridge-builder, constructing: authority  leading by vision of balance.

7.10.1952, Leningrad

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

in red: Transit of the current constellation
on his constellation

tree rulers of his are in action
and their signs
moved on December 17th.
by Sun

... meeting the benevolent collective
balance of future
in Origin

Murnau, 12. 17. 2021, UTC:

and 21:47

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