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At Home in the Moist and Visit of the Fire-Relatives

6. 27.- 7. 4. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements fire, earth, air and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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6. 27. 2016
Now Monday 11:14 UTC
Mercury united with the red Moon of 1603
24:48° Zwillinge

  no consciousness creates heaven/earthly  accurate strikes like this one
created by Monday -morning -routine
after breakfirst
round tour in the grid
then drawing of this one
then Kittchen Blues with the dishes
then sitdown with the chronicle
lighting candle
breathing deeply
and  ...
only this drifting through the
choosen routines
communication with woman
leading repeatedly
partly "trance" partly conscious
 like a swirl
around a center
this  hit in the center
of heaven and  earth
mirroring each other

so now red Moon what do you tell
 late in the Twins
  in the chart
you'll find a red Moon  between 24 and 25°
this Moon is quite old and it is the Moon of 10+ generations 
in the preparednes of our unconscious being guided

and the Gods did rise into the light of consciousness within thousands of years
after sleeping in the elements for billions of years
and this Mercury visit (on Monday) with red Moon
visites us - our prebirth and after-life dough -
as 'living' entity called eon 
the unconscious preparedness of the dough
according to the lights and order above
to be mirrored by earths miracles

Now,  heavenly talk is easy: "red" = Fire =  hot = early =the first of the four elements

red early fire
what are you doing with us in us
with your irrefutable impatience
Now Moon, in heavenly talk is ruler of low  moisty  floating shady  interior realms called Cancer - fouth's sign and element.
 Water - talking in Moon's language
is talking  the lower trail
is talking the moisty lap
and - with Mose -  the upper trail
of the waters
above heaven

what was, what is, what will be
with the red home 
the lap of fire
since 1603
what is with innition and Heimat
fire in water
beginning of internalisation and remembrance
what a poetry knoted in Mark Knopfler
the son of a Hungarian father and an English motherthe remembrances = Moon
with the fiery querl of catastrophes within the people of Europe
 with the genius of the newly mixed
and the conundrums of their grandchilren

so fire the element of beginning in our unconscious navigation 
severing us before we can unite
England seems to be the place of this fire of beginning

so much for Mercury and his visit of red Moon
this deep kinship in our 'software'
for a little thousand years
called eon
this highlight on Monday-noon in the Twins
is the kick off ...

... for an approach to man - encounter - onset - marvel - summer
of 2016
in the sign of other relatives in the fire element since 1603
at 25,3° Aries =
is the beginning of the visit of man - God Uranus
with fire-Pluto of 1603
the heavenly forger of the whine-cultivating man
forging the tools of the beginning
in the fire of sex
till Oktober Uranus will 'stay' with the
stirrer of the early stirring
and Uranus' current ruler Mars
in the sign of Pluto/Skorpion

indicates by whome independence
has to be sacrificed like the  freedom of thought in favor of
 a discipline in those divine moulds
according to  the simile of
 the heavenly  lights which this chronicle is following
like the date the breaths

and with this we  arrived at Mars
in Scorpio
being just in the final curve of his back-creeping interval
now forward again
 entire July and two days in August
through yet  attained terrain
 fire at will for the sacrificer  until
 then in Sagittarius again
start of reconciliation

Pluto markes the current place of the sacrifice
 in Capricorn
it's the roof
the brain
the top
where the sacrifice according to Scorpio
is located since 2008

but now for Sun and Venus and since today Mercury
in depth and lowlands 
in the dark Cancer
the moisty room of inward
the lap of creation with it's rivers
to whom the heavenly spirit-sign of Sagittarius
is the mirrorer in the  fourth of the 6 mirrors
of the zodiac

 next week Saturn the terminator in Sagittarius
will meet in the mirror with Sun and Venus
in Cancer

but this week still un-mirrored by the terminal arrow
the squandering heart receiving the homely sound and
uniting Venus receiving the
imagination of union in the lap of  intimate relatives
to which Pluto is setting the incest-barrier in zodiac
an what remained untouched till now?
the child in the sky
Jupiter the son of the father in heaven
Saturn the father himself who
remaining in Sagittarius till November 2017
he by terminating is transferring the extratemporal order into time
so the unconscious fatherlyness in resonance
with Neptune the God of cleanness in man
whose children  not yet have learned to turn a blind eye
are co-resonating
with Jupiter in waning closeness
who transfers reconciling the fatherly arrow of restraint
 into  Virgo's animated earth

and in the end Moon - to us germans a he
to the Romans Luna
the Greek Selene
both shes

radiating to us humans an alternative
to the "male" light
of the Sun
Moon Lord of the lap
or Lady of the receptiontill Wednesday-noon in Aries
with the insecurity of the free

till Friday-noon then in Taurus'
walls deposits and channels

then till Sunday-noon his light over
the ways and words
of the Twins

and Sunday-afternoon back
into the cosy home
of the moisty dreames

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