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With Mercury to the Soul of Fire

6. 20. -  27. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements fire, earth, air and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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and Man  remembers the 75. return of the day
when 3 Million Germans at 3:15 in the morning
 raided the Russians with fire and murder
 ready for their own nemesis

6. 22. 2016  

it's Mercury our hermaphroditic ruler of the Twins and Virgo
God of our riving intellect 
messenger of the father
without character or like Jung said "good with the good bad with the bad"
Mercury the trickster and  counter-Trickster 
Virgo Goethe laborated with this mirror-couple in his  late- in- life "Faust"
Mercurius speaks the Latiner
Hermes called him the pious Greek

In the lights in heaven our ancestors discovered the Gods
and behind them focussing the diversity of the all
God if this expression is  permitted

and their chronicler - for the moment - seems to be mundanomaniac 
but- may it be - myriads  will be in coming times traveling and chronicling with heaven
and a freer breath will help to carry the load of life
and a clearer inner sky
might help all of us
to understand

and now onWednesday me and Mercurius
or I and Mercury – so he and me
we are the rulers of the Word on earth this moment
mirroring heavenly names
under the spinning sky

otherwise it wouldn't be possible

now – back to the week
Mercury at home in the Twins
the critic at home in the different ways and words
at home just engaged in a tremendous step of the trickster this week
- 13° in one week till Sunday night -

now Mercury on Monday/Tuesday was  completely busy with the great resonance of this late halve year since December
first Neptune + Saturn then  + Jupiter 
 Mercury at last
so the trickster + the Childgod+ the Fathergod+the Songod
four Gods - ruling our unconsciosness - united in resonance - big orchestra

and at weekend: Mercury's visit
with the old Moon of the fire - element.
astrologicly - established 
 non- perceptible by naked senses
referring to a moment of unconscious pre-structuredness
in the shape of a Moon of the fire-element = home of the fire in us visitors in our eonic space
which  according to the hypothesis of the old persian astrologers 
since 1603 is radiating from this place in the zodiac: 24, 8° Twins
 as the fiery essence of our greater relatives
 in our common eon
ready for  rhythmical enlargement
so on Sunday the heavenly messenger meets on his way fire- Moon
 over well, creek, river of the earlyness in our 800 years rangin world
 of the four elements we are existing of
and here heavenly grammar:
fire = triggering + Moon =  at home in the inward of the initially feeling
so on Sunday quite something will be swinging through the soul of our thinking
  without being perceptible to natural senses
 only proclaimed by the effect in the mechanics of the spirit
 of the earth  tying an invisible net and - noting
Twins -like
 by signing what will happen in the horoscope of the week

so much for Mercury in these times this week in Twins just meeting  Jupiter

of the chronicler of the winter 1942 in his far back  in 12. house
ruling the first 7 years and all times without  discriminating consciousnessand as the spirit
hovering upon the depths = waters

and the sign for spirit = 0

or mirrored


further with Sun

all considerations referring to  the Twins via Mercury by Mercury have been shared by Sun and heart
only on Monday but since the early morning hours of Tuesday they wandered into the inward - in every meanng . into the  beds, caverns and chambers of Cancer
30 days Sun and heart receiving
before then with Leo-hot heart is to deal with sending

so Sun since Tuesday morning  is  upon the northern sky in the turn to the other pole and likewise
entrance of the hearts into the fourth zodiacal sign and under the rule of water in the shape of  light in the inward of the dark heavyness of water.

while -  we are near to the other heavyness: earth-element - rule by Venus Goddess of association and the number 2 - ruler of the nourishing cattle in the sign of Taurus and of the the two scales of Libra, engl. balance - this gestalt of the balanced heavyness - now in the Cancer-sky hiking now in company of Sun - and look - as long as these two Gods walk together in Cancer there will be receivement of the act of saving and of investing quasi a time, where the contradicting -brothers are conceived under the command of Moon and the women  walking according to  the inward rules provide an alternative source of light.

Further   of Mars – Pluto – Uranus nothing new - divine solist at their places

so let's go like always in the end to Moon  
having been on Monday in full-Moon-Sun-opposition on the day of solstitium 
in the sign of the arrow which means= coming off the beyond
 meeting it's tasks in so called coincidences in temporality according to the sign of Sagittarius

but since Monday then with Moon hiking the inner light
under the strict sign of Capricorn

then from early Thursday till early Saturday under Aquarius, the sign of
distance height and emptyness
the inner light in nearness to God

finally the weekend with Moon back into the deep lap of creation
to the Pisces of the common all

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