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Donald and the Ramifications this Week in the World of Measure and Norm a Builder Knows

6. 13. - 20. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements fire, earth, air and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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the chronicler's consciousness suddenly is engulfed by  an upwelling blue - gray fume upwelling out of a center of darkblue grey in the transformation from liquid into gas
while escaping into the air's escaping  known natural senses
and it is welling  around a dark oval center
and high over the surface a partition of the fumes is visible a ridge like someones
 spine in the sky and to the left and to the right  the cloudy slurs are pulled down waterfall- like
end of the scene

first spot of my counscious realizing of myself  
my eyes resting on Pluto  under the polar Capricorn of the zodiac

and if one would call him
 Pluto lord of the immortal dead
casting  out immortality in temporality
in souls
something that connects
immortal deads with mortals

so my eye rested on Pluto who abandoned in 2008 the south aka  Sagittarius 
and since then kept founding his new
  lordship  as one of Gods twelve sons and daughters
in Capricorn's height
of the cosmic house

so since 2008 Pluto and the dead in our common presence
centering in the North around the polar shack 
with their moral rulerhip

 shure enough it's Pluto's part
 the duefull waver might be for the holes
in the nontemporal dough out of which everyone of us is cut out and
in which everyone is bound to return with his " po" -part and with his "hun"-part of the
soul oh -  might it be with fruit for the suffering eternity

 the shape - cut out of the zodiacal dough by an ascendant with first breath
and what astrology notices has never been practised
it's ever - ready
a deepest subsensual and supersensual
uncomprehensible miracle 
12 wills of God 
one God
one man

since very long this is written on the invisible little ribbons at the toe of each newborn
in the traditions of the astrological fathers

and from the fathers comming is the place of the dead in the zodiac to which is to be paid tribute
with waiver and abdication - moments of "this belongs to them" in  consumption - 
woe!  over those lifes  lacking such  place
  gigantic mountains of debt with Pluto are amassed by each rich one
without waiver no balanced form is to be get - locksmiths know that

and now to the week, what's in the stirring pot ?

initially Mercury might to be attended to  entering his airy home in the Twins
once a year on Monday. And he found two of the family already there 
Sun  and Venus 
but the latter this week is saying good by Twins

cause Venus will become essential on Friday: entry into the inner faults and chasms of Cancer 
belly rules
 tribe growing familiar

in the star-brain of the Twins and it's ramifications further acting Sun  further
calling the children of the hubs into the game - the neutral ones with an abundance of ramifications
for each and everyone such a kind was John F. Kennedy and is Donald Trump

yesterday was it: * 14.6.1946
Donald Trump 

signifies the fundamental question:

A  builder as Präsident  or a Lawyer?

and for those travelling with the current Venus and today the current Sun  it's time to move into some meeting with  our relatives in our common eon, sensible relatives in the simile of Moon, welling out of our fire-heritage
red Moon since 1603 - as fire is the element of beginning  the red Moon is an eonic starter of family-becoming

  And Mars meanwhile keeps on starting kinds of currents in the living for the dead thereby also changing the setup with the issues of the becoming in the invisible heavenly nontemporal dough.
And with him maybe the Hun-souls in the after-temporality travel - provided not  having   been entirely dispersed - and how they might be entangled again in pre-temporal matters if beeing to near to the funnels into time.

Neptun  – Saturn – Jupiter
still in their double-quadration to their Opposition of Neptune and Jupiter
with their resoanances of chaos - order- and coincidence
and their paradox union of spiritual and emotional essences
or insight and desire
under the sky
stirred by the
uniting winds of the Gods

while Jupiter redraws his resonance slowly
to let Neptune and Saturn for another while

resonating together alone in the nontemporality
And Uranus here at the edge of the contemplation - now solo underway - in approach with the red Pluto of the fire element and keeping the entire month in his vivinity - so it might to be said: this summer the man-God is walking in the radiation of our fire-ancestors and our coming fire-children in the Twins and for the soulful connection with them so that all time may be enough beginning.


And Moon now before the end

this week in these signs which are entirely strange  to the chronicler nonwithstanding he "has" them like everybody but they use not to  voice pivotally


Moon the shady alternative bright enough for a number of things
applies the art of balance initially this week
under the heaven of Libra simile
of love rather than marriage
till Wednesday noon

the latter however following with Moon in Scorpio
the smith of the golden Rings of those brought together
by coincidence on the far ways of Sagittarius

You can find Moons steps in the chart the since Saturday morning.

jene danach
im Zeichen Skorpions des Schmiedes der goldenen Ringe
jener die die Fügung zusammenbringt
auf den weiten Wegen
des Schützen

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