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Rivergold and Plutos Sacrifice

7. 4. - 11. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements fire, earth, air and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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Monday    4.7.2016

Big  scramble of the soul*planets in the lap of the year

*) Venus and Mercury are not only rulers in the soul-layer of the zodiac
they also rule in the element's layer
the second and third sign

back to the soul-layer's rulers




all three meeting in the lap of the fourth element
and sign Cancer
Water = within
 three soul  - rulers
down in Cancer
receiving resonance fom  the fourth of the four quarters
the beyond terminal quarter
in  resonance with
to the ruler of the fourth of the elements Moon
and within his shadow
are ruling the offerers 


and in follow up to last week  
where Venus in vibration with Pluto
acted in Resonance
unfolding beauties
in common swinging 
of four contradictions
of Capricorn and Cancer
Twins and Sagittarius 
swingings which use to appear in nature or
in any real band
but are impossible logically 
cause contradictions logically exclude another
 poetry thrieves in words and names
and the funnel appearing
in four directions supposedly

now this week there is a further swing
this week are
Sun and Mercury swinging with Pluto
and his offerers
right up from the lap of the elements

heart and center
and the Kommentator in uns
his son brain
the speaker

last week Venus' rooting was
in the sophia of words
shaking  matter and image
in  the order

hereto according to my teacher Wolfgang Döbereiner the  by him
Romano Guardini:"What hence are the images? They are the basic formes of the perception with those
we order the manifolfdness of worlds matter. But this not in the way of theoretical insight but onto the possibility to find one's way living and acting. Such images eg. are the way; the thread; up; down; resp. heaven and earth, the horizontal as the figure of man's realm between up and down; the vertical as figure of the personal standing there;
the well as origin of the move an so forth. Theese images are inborn in man; not as ready appearing essences but as readynesses  following even the first touching encounter to bring them forth within (and without of;  mm) the stream of the world ..."
Romano Guardini, Rilkes Deutung des Daseins.

E.g. the metapher "aufgrund" unites in one german word the meaning of "because of" and the image of "at the bottom" - so e.g. my metapher  „rivergold“ sunday in Saker's Cafe

but now to the middle of the week:

 fourfold resonances to the well

center - heart - Sun-gold
with Mercury word 
and Pluto poetry
= communication of God and soul in man
from the low = Cancer
and from th up Capricorn

or well and

it is this day ( on Monday) like mm as chronicler is with Cancer rising/ Moon in Cancer/ in 1 = personified well
till now  as suchone missfitting for any other carrier, to be redeemed only by steps of individuation following the rule of affection
 inside of the consciousness of the given 
conscious sorting in these 12 images
with the consequence of Pluto
in waiver of all other possible keys

and visiting all the the scientific landscapes dealing with nature  in their assortment of keys looking for the common language since 35 years now conscious and thankfull to the fathers for their common zodiac
lest preaching thankfull to the old Aegyptians for the incursion of the sign Libra
according their central myth of life an death

which reads us the horizon

finishing Guardinis quote:

" ... what was just mentiones are elemetary images. On them erected are more special mor complex ones; basic formes of the world, of the culture of being, of the kind like the Elegie
mentions them: well, gate, window, pile, tower."
p. 353.

hence the chronicler describes and  reads: 

 each week the heavenly given  on the elementry- grid  of the eon which we share -  seemingly without natural physical senses.
Elementary astrology , the assortment - key  4 = 1, unites the quadrants in union
8 unites twoo quadrants 12 three

 Elementary astrology is a pasture for all exausted minds - till now not trampled by visitors
like the Astrology of the 12 signs.

To start with it this week:
the chart speaks first 
the chart speakes twofold

speckled is this weeks portion for our eon

and coloured the portion of our temporal  zone

the mirror-axis of a horizon is missing here
as it is the chart of the whole hemisphere
here they are again and again
 the six days of creation between the waters below and the waters above heaven
encircled by Gods zodiac

 Let's start with the fourfold speckeld resonances which as unconscious possibilities our fate share with the following elementary - relatives:

Fire since 1603
Earth since 1802

Air since 1980
Water since 1305

man is of all four - the number of completeness - compounded, like all spatial,
and we are living in it as such a sensual imperceptible "weather of collective fate".

Given the astromundane diary mentions it and demonstrates something like -
 there is a culturally established organ, which permittes us  to comprehend sensual non-perceptible although actual in fact synchronisticly resonating in the unconscious vicinity of  the self,  comprehensible to self like an earmarked "X" grazing on the heaven of  one's meadow
something like the fairy tales the child is listening to

basic tales

Now to the relatives: there is Venus -visit with Sun and Mercury of the earth element of 1802 - something like heart and brain of the earth ... of the solid-genes - of their place in the lap of the fourth element = Cancer - hence in the female sphere.

With Venus it is our collective  reactive ability is wandering through the year - hers is the pulling ability producing denseness and heavyness and might , wandering with Venus ... in the elementary version called Taurus and the passionated version called Libra
and whichs relativity is excited? It's the "olive-green" relativity of the earth of solidness and rootedness  

the fire-relatives are the other visit   of the week
in last week's contemplation firstly appeared
Uranus stepping into the 1°-distance to Pluto of the fire element
ruler of the hot element of beginning  called Aries at 25,3 ° 
since the Kings-conjunction of 1603
Pluto signifies something like the God of waiver of the ego
 in favour of the species
 Uranus remains with this virtual God of the communion with the
absentee in the presence 
till late September.


And now to the colors of the week- which one is what  and how they are stirred

There is one layer with blue/green in square
coloring the square of Saturn= the father
with Neptune =  the child

a long lasting constellation, desribed a lot of weeks since  spring 2015
End and inition united
Word and sound

and in turquoise/ red/ black
in opposition Pluto with Sun and Mercury
the waiver the giving and the wording
the whole four soul-rulers swinging in resonance

and there now on Monday/Tueasday is/was Moon the femal polar-star in the equation – with other words, in the same room with the „other“, femal light of shadow and night, is  the bright light of consciousness, of Sun ,  superior by day, embarrassed by night.
attending is Mercury, notificator and commentator
alltogether in the receiving world of feeling, called Cancer
Till Tuesday afternoon the night-light shares the resonances between Venus, Uranus and heart and brain of the eonic traits.
That might  produce a dough in which heavyness and easyness are connected with heart and brain on the basis of male and female half of things.
Then till Thursday night Moon hikes over the oases of Leo,

 followed till Saturday night above the mixed realms of Virgo,
whose ruleress still shares the moisty milieu of Cancer.

Two fire-lights might be spotted by the last view. Both of them, Mars the elementary fire and Jupiter, the spiritual fire are wandering as solists  in „duty“ of Mercury and Pluto.
The former bringing meaning into appearence, the later bringing meaning into time. The former in the leading image of beginning, the later in the prudent savour of the earth.

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