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Venus and Mercury Ruled by Heart

7.  25. - 8. 1. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements fire, earth, air and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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7. 27. 2016
somewhere every moment has its Leo-share
in the moment even a threefold one
cause till weekend
Sun rules in Leo over Leo
the heart over the center
and  also over words and names and numbers
of Mercury in Leo = soul-fire
and over the material stock and the joy of encounter
of Venus in Leo = soul fire
and by that also over Taurus and Twins
with their part in the world
and Virgo and Libra with their part of the soul
are in the rule of soul-fire
and of the delight of Sun in giving freely
 every born human
has it
 it is the  strength of the inherited heart
in the image of the erected flame
center of the soul
 longing to find the way
ruling world and soul this week 

and this flame that does not fade
how many times it ever has kindled 
 is both - light and symbol
 Leo doesn't mean the strenght only
but also the wisdom
of the heart

By nature-philosophers of the early medieval times  " wisdom was  called eternal light and never fading "legitimate food" ...symbolized by that was  a substantial spiritual inflow of  contents from the unconsciousness, which according to the intuition of the alchemists is flowing out of the 'lumen naturae' into the adept and is received as divine enlightment.
The sapientia (wisdom) thus acts also like a fire, which inexhaustibly goes on kindling."1

This is confirmed by (the alchemist) SENIOR, by saying:" Cause such one is so rich, like one, who owns the stone, out of which one can strike fire, so that he can give fire to whom he likes  and as often as he likes without any own loss. The same was meant by ARISTOTELES in the II. Book "On the Soul", when he writes: " To all natural thing a Border is sett concerning their perimeter and their growth, but the fire grows by upping the ante in terms of burnable stuff into infinity."2

on the other hand the flame of Mars has less to do with
but more with the hunger of the body
every animal knows that with out knowing it
nonetheless Mars in Scorpio indicates 
soul - regio aka anima
 old alchemistic nature philosophers called her
the 'ligamentum' the band
between body and spirit

so in Scorpio Mars  starts beginnings in the image-archive
of man's soul
Mars kicks beginnings out of hunger
for participation of counscious - being with the
 of complying with the eternal guiding images on heaven
in which man has his unknown higher truth
together with any any animal
and this Mars - flame keeps on burning
another last week in the "canon"-sign of Scorpio
and it burns man's beginnings into
the guiding image-canon 
which is followed by the soul yet
since eternalness
withouth the senses catch
any glimps

And these here mentioned beginnings turn into the realm of language by the approach of  Mercury into the resonance-realm of the square to the trigger-bearing Mars (square = connected with another place) who is just visiting our eon-god of heaven, "blue" Uranus of  the element air. of 1980.  
Cause  coming weekend will see Mars with his hunger visiting blue Uranus for the third time this year - then not again before 1,6 years - kicks the trigger, that there might  be vigorous an initiation.
 Uranus  grants to man the freedom of thought but in Scorpio the freedom origins by the sacrifice of free think-lust in favour of  the bonded and responsibility- taken order - from of the heavenly order of animals, men and things - recognized by our ancestors.


On Monday was the yearly death-birthday of a large- dying- for-eight- days, which has general meaning for mankind and special meaning for mundanomaniac as 'Hamburger':

Monday night 1943.7.25 was dying-time for the first fife-six-thousand Hamburgers, was the first night of "Gomorrha 1943" (sorry only German), the planned burning of tens of thousands of civil inhabitants of the big port in the North of Germany in the second worldwar of  rape-civilisations with their victims.

in that week providence and sacrificer 3
 Jupiter and Pluto together with Mercury and his tables
were united in Leo with the heat of Sun 
in square - resonance with the igniter Mars
on a different place

week between 7. 25 and 8.3. 1943

73 years before today the horrible second night
firestorm 30.000 dead

1943 7. 27, 22:55 UTC, Hamburg

And - grisly moment - the real and soul-turf do unite via their Sun-ruled  ruler-chains no less than the complete 12 zodions and their guests on one place - a horrible week of unvoluntary "getting complete".

The involuntary sacrificer, as dead, to me they belong to the stock of Scorpio, to the stock of the dead of our eon - meaning they are still here, at least in those who remind them, still able to be reached by nearness.

Their stalwart is and remains Pluto who for this time keeps the horses in Capricorn leading them by headgear through the alleys of the departed.

Now , this one, we are in, is not such a historic week, still there is complex occurance united in the sky to be reflected by each of us, each at his place.

e.g. on Monday Sun =  our heart
at 3° Leo had to mirror Mars at 27° Scorpio
 in the beginn of a sovereignity of the giver
like appearing
in the works which incorporate and unite
meaning form and creative joy

On Saturday then Mercury moves into  Virgo, thereby detrackting himself from the rulership of the center, and  since  then he carries on his own but not imperative illoyal businesses.
And the following are "serving" Mercury then: Jupiter, thereby Saturn, thereby Pluto, thereby Mars and thereby Uranus; and in square-resonance additionally Neptune. "Serving Mercury" 
to me has the meaning of : into words are streaming concilliation, duration, sacrifice, beginning and abrogating and the square Neptune resonates the peace of paradies where lion and sheep are staying togester out of time.

And Moon again hikes  under the mundane signs and with him the dreams of fighting in this world
till Tuesday noon over the wild realms of Aries;

till Thursday evening they are wandering over the fate of the fields, meadows, villages, and cities in the sign of Taurus;

till Saturday evening then they are abover the ways and spaces of the Twins whichare connecting 
the assemblies of the earthly beings;

before its time again to go home to the  low lands of Cancer in whose
waters the souls converge for further flowing

1 M.-L. v. Franz, Kommentar zur „Aurora Consurgens“, in C.G.JUNG, Mysterium Coniunctionis, Ges. Werke 14/III, S. 142.

2 ebd. S. 142, Text der „Aurora Consurgens.

3 “... it is a vital but also degerous and ethical most precarious  problem of the modern civilisation that it doesn't know any longer aud doesn't understand, why the life of man in a higher sense should be a sacrifice. Man can live amazing things, if they have meaning to him. But the trouble is to create this meaning." C.G.JUNG, Psychology and Religion, Coll. Works (geman) 11, § 133

  Es ist ein vitales, aber auch gefährliches und ethisch heikelstes Problem der modernen Zivilisation, dass sie nicht mehr weiß und versteht, warum das Leben des Menschen in höherem Sinne ein Opfer sein sollte. Der Mensch kann erstaunliche Dinge leben, wenn sie einen Sinn für ihn haben. Aber die Schwierigkeit ist, diesen Sinn zu erschaffen.“ C.G.JUNG, Psychologie und Religion, Ges. Werke 11, § 133.

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