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Worldweek of Consciousness - Harvest for a Year

5. 30. - 6. 6. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colous and elements fire, earth, air and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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5. 30. - 6. 6. 2016

"Consciousness = day-brightness of the psyche = one of the
 archetypes of the unconsciousness ...
This not too easy facticity derives from the fact, that the "I" (Ich)
 has the paradox feature to be subject as well as object
of its knowledge, otherwise therefrom, that psyche is not a unit but
a "constellation" in which are fairly other lights other then the Sun.
Indeed the subject I-personality, w.o.w. the counsciousness 
with its contents, in its different contents, in its different aspects
is watched  by an unconscious, or better,  seen by a watcher placed
  in the space of the uncounsciousness 
C.G.Jung, Mysterium coniunctionis, § 167

affection is a moving
in the dough
Murnau, four days past May 28.
a wondrous Sun-Sun - square out of the Twins
with mundanomaniac's birthday-Sun
with the fare-well-party of the
Combo - Konzerte bei  Helmut
Groover stirred at Helmut 
with his Combo
in the souls again
and stirred souls
use to dance inwards
and outwards
as mans soul is a dancer
in a logical way the formal fotographer
escaped unstirred

28.5. 2016, Murnau, 21:00 MESZ

and meanwhile
1. June
Mars again opening backdoors
for the children of loyalty
 in Scorpio
the eight sign
where we  still  are souls but  - bordering with spirit -
now backwards moving

Sun and Venus
calling out for 
giving and collecting in

under the sky of  the Twins
where it's up to speech and reckon
in their three-dimensional ramifications

for the first third to half of
it's time for early harvesting the fruits of the resonances
 between squares and oppositions
of spring/summer/autumn 2016
Neptune - Saturn - Jupiter - Sun - Venus
and their realms
Pisces - Capricorn - Sagittarius - Leo - Taurus  - Libra

while now
 risk = Sun and security = Venus unite
their light for two three weeks
over nearly entire June
for the paradox gathering and giving

what the squares of the year have allowed to ripen
is opportunity now

and Mercury uniting

his talk today with the relatives since 1802 in the sign of earth - Mars
at 16,9° Taurus
with the living hypothetical reatives-souls

Mars=light of the beginning
in the realm of the roots:
Mars in Taurus the trigger at the roots heads
bridges for the dead in the depths of God
for the children of here and beyond

and all days further increasing
 Sonne und Venus together

the  gold and the copper
in the center of the Twins
hiking together through the

resonances of the great early- summer-square
of the fatherly Saturn
the sonability Jupiter
and the childability Neptune

 a verbal delivery
of great paradox purity
is to be harvested with the Gods
of light 

"since this like the heavenly
stopp off, so ascends in nights/
prepared down under mankind
their day ...

bread is earths fruit, but also it 

is gift of light,/ and from the 
thundering God comes the
pleasure of whine"

 Der Weingott

(translation my trial)

and the long lasting resonance between spirit and soul according to their Gods Pluto and Uranus might be contemplated operating in  square of old and new, of loyalty and freedom and which constellate an opening for their paradox union among mankind


and like as usual Mooon
and the inpire of the soul

since Tuesday  Moon in a new zodiacal month in

Aries there is time to outbreak for what must outbreak
till Wednesday night

then it's time for

brick laying building rooting
cause Moon receives us in the dream of Taurus  
in us concerning the security of being

and till Saturday afternoon the heavy work should be done
cause the weekend belongs to soul with the God of easy talk

who receives anf transship the words and signs out of the Twins
where by Moon  all resonances are wired together
on Saturday night
wired for a soul-harvest for the year
of this great gathering of godly resonances

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