Montag, 23. Mai 2016

Elements and Notes from the Relatives of Fire and Earth

5.  23.  - 30. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colous and elements fire, earth, air and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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5. 23. - 30. 2016

when I found myself
in God's hand
one evening after the
there again God gave me
my pure childly

now 36 years later

and in the  vicarious pleasure of this secret
mundanomaniac keeps on in his weekly chronicle

good with the good bad with the bad
the teller of the

ever-vibrating in the Mercury - alignment of your birthday

Mercury in this 8th Week
extraordinary long in this sign
above the grazing
saving walling
states-creating social
now in the landmark of the loop
about to catch up with the lost 10° in Taurus
about to procede in the
root system

 coincidently Mercury is visiting
one of our eon's relatives
signifying the origin ouf our
among the fire-relatives since 1603
in the shape of "red" Uranus
"red" Uranus at 14,1° Taurus
fiery notes
from the God of humanity in man

and comming weekend Mercury's
notes from the spark in the dark

 from earth element's Mars
 an offspring in the earth - heritage
start of of rooting
in  dark heavyness of our
roots-relativeship since 1802
earth-Mars at 16,9° Taurus
 like a new way of saving
Europe by Russia
and the war theater in Syria 
accompanied Mercury's visit with the relatives
of fire and earth
with notes from Deir-Ezzor in East-Syria
the non-confessional state liberated
the "Old Armenian Graveyard"
from the black butcher-mob

so far is to travel with Mercury
with his momentary solitary condition
in Taurus without resonance with
Scorpio - Aquarius  - Leo

meanwhile the first full week with
Sun in the Twins
elicitating the children of writing
 off the animals 
 having so much to take note on
and are so abundant filled with information
in the common circle

and Venus
with all her saving-capability 
 followes Sun already on Wednesday
the Twins

and now let's go to Mars 
this week's  happening is not only
Mars'  further back-creeping in the loop  -
on Friday there will even be a sign-lapse
and an entry in the  former milieu
of Scorpio
on the ways of Pluto in Capricorn
like already from January till March
and therby the fading resonance
between Pluto and Uranus 
between heritage and new origin get's another
link to Mars and it's brisance

and apart from that: unshakeble - for the moment -
remains the great spring -resonance of 2016
by Neptune-Saturn-Jupiter
ozeanic - polar - equatorial
od Pisces - Sagittarius - Virgo
or water - fire - earth 
are further whisked
in big wandering resonance-drops
mirrored by wheather and coincidents

and the swift hurying flow of the comforter
of the newborn

Luna with her rivers
with the light of the souls
betweel earth and heaven
shy and hidden
this week beginning in the bright
conciliatory dreams
of Sagittarius

but Tuesday already in the rigour of abstaction

of all temporal
in Capricorn

Thurday till Sunday thensoul traveling with Moon
under the heaven of Aquarius
 above the fields
but on Sunday soul belongs
to the child-God
of wisdom Neptune

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