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Slowly Fading Egs and Visits at Earth- and Fire-Places

5. 9. - 16. 2016
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kings Conjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
  from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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the astrological language
grants the advantage
that something is to name
although one doesn't yet know it
having it's place already
for a possible experience

5. 11. 2016  
it 's still sticking to the great Atlantic- resonance
(dunno of the pacific one)
in the northern sky
of Saturn polar
and Jupiter equatorial

the wetherer's talk for now is "meridional"
typical the say for spring sun burning into the north
cold pushing towards equator
until they did their differential game
while thisclockwise spinning meridional slowly eastwardbound 
big egs of air
like now


ore in other times flat-egging
or "zonal" like the wetherers say
so it's going to stay another little while
thost big exchanges
but further without Mars
= without the former energy
the great atlantic Neptune-Jupiter - Saturn - resonance
of Pisces - Sagittarius - Virgo
the conciliatory fatherly childly
marvel of time
 of three elements 
water fire and earth
in the northern sky
and in the northern psyche
we dwell in
and of whom every individual is drawn
so this big three- paradox continues
slowly fading

and Mars = to initiate
solist now is going to visit in the sky 
and ergo in the psyche
in slow creeping steps back
the mutual kick on 4,9° Sagittarius
mirrored in 25,1° Cancer
mutual with Mercury of the Fire Conjunction
of 1603 
Mercury of the fire - ancestors
the initial cognitive light of the four-elements-marvel 
within our eon 
belonging to the entire Mars - week

and Venus's week  
- the bearing and the caring -
Venus remains over the fat meadows

and on Monday Mercury vanished in the splendor
of the Sun

but unchanged Mercury is going to visit  

the olive-colored Mars of the Earth - Conjunction
of our earth-relatives in our eon since 1802
at 16,9° Taurus
 while Venus dropping in at 14,1° Taurus where
the fire-people have their red Uranus since 1603
the man - God in the united crowdhence a fire- and earth- eon- relatives fest this week
among the grazers with herd-joy
and if I'm right with this the heavenly fire-works will be have burnt down
except for the likewise slow fading 4-years-resonance 
of Pluto and Uranus which is in it's third year
reliable stirring
remains like always 
with her 2days/one sign - boots
the nightly performance of the soul
which gladly likes
to be undisturbed and therefore likes to 
hole up in the sleep
 and the soul is nosy embarrassing and vulnerable
like drops of child's urine
but Moon ruling  all rivers
shielded behind nippers
armoured soft parts  
still till tonight
this monthly coming home 
of the soul into temper
since Thursday then in the inner world
Moon in Leo
the inaccessible central light of the family
in the sky and in the psyche
so Moon's silver light
in Leo
the land of the golden splendortill Saturday morning when Moon then enters
a third 'inside' - the time and place of Virgo
ruling with female matters of fact meaning
and dreaming of
 Moon for the rest of the week

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