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Mainly Undisturbed Sucking and Grazing

5. 2. - 9. 2016
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kings Conjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
  from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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 5. 4. 2016

10 day grisly weather at the northern Alps- rim
maritime wet polar air from far away East-Siberia, West-Canada
met in middle Europe and  over the Alps wide into the south
the cold and the wet 
and the Alps combed the air southward bound

what does heaven to tell all about this?

around the pole
heaven is spinning one
full circle a day

so it can't be  up to the heaven alone
nature  mirroring heaven = times
in flat lands valleys mountain ridges
times moving in circles
like slow spinning big air bubbles 
breath of the Bear  of the North
and of the Lion of the south
as Saturn and Jupiter
different places same times

just as a slow eastward moving rest- drop
of a long journey
rotating cold air above North-Italy, Croatia Hungary Balkans
this week

polar air circle
polar : astrology = Capricorn
ergo Saturn symbol of the head
in the quiescent
polar = where it moves around

Jupiter with the  the big Bow
 the widest ways 
of the south
(or on the other hemisphere)
the north)
are those of Jupiter
uniting  God 
spirit of the equator

  from Russia and Canada
cold invasion in Middle Europe two weeks now
no incursion without Mars 
no pain without Mars 
there it is on Monday
4° distance - resonance still
with Neptune wet resonance
with Saturn and Jupiter and Mars
so we have a Opposition and two squares
Mar participation is now waning 
ergo the constellation is loosing it's energy

Mars Jupiter Saturn Neptune
in Sagittarius
these are
Mars = Beginnings  of 
solutions = Neptune
 in realizations = Jupiter
of the given
last complete resonance of this kind this week 
Mars slowly receding out of the resonance
with Neptune Saturn Jupiter

these places and resonances are waiting to be called
as pastures for Lions Bulls Hiker and Virgos beneath the scales
or as places of the high midnight
and the archetypal sky of our human ancestors

an what else  matters in the zodiac?

Uranus in the twentieth grades in Aries
man- God ready to sow spring-storms
still in resonance of human spirit with the
sacrificer's radiation from the beyond 
Pluto in Capricorn
to be mirrored by a way of

 that's it with the 12 houses of the heavenly-earthly man
where his earthly six any time are mirroring
the heavenly above the horizon
of consciousness
but now to the sunny side  Sun now eventually
in the realm of Taurus with  - however with Distance - Mercury
and Venus 
a strong sucking in union a roots-tight one
but Sun is never sucking Sun is giving
Lioness in the spring-Sun feeding 
together with fat herds peaceful grazing
and measurer's measuring the richdom 
undisturbed grows and thrieves the man's world
of the Venus
the keepers of the store with
their mercurial notes of the earthly element
and high above the weather is our
unconscious Self  longing for the personal light
witness of the sparkling beginnings of conciliation
according to Mars in Sagittarius still being shaken by the message of the
moist of Neptune out of the beyond  in this world
in resonance square with this side' s fortuity
  maritime = Neptune
polar = Saturn = resting
equatorial = Jupiter = traveling
with Mars  = beginning


with the spirit of young sprouts

the passive journey of our wandering soul when we sleep
might accompany the other mighty passive but changing light
of Moon as the feminine wisdom and harboring

till Thursday afternoon  it's an emerging moment of the inner truth
meaning Moon in Aries

then till Saturday-afternoon Moon with stores and stocks and 
facilities of all kinds which carry juice into root stem and leaves

thereafter till Monday-night more traveling of the curious soul
with Moon on the paths of the earth since the beginning

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