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5. 16. 2016
Last week this blog and his autor has been plunged into an unexpected adventure. After posting of the last translation into the English languaged "astromundane diary" Windows was no longer to be booted. In my unprofessional unadviseability I took the recover - CD for help for booting ... it lasted - then the configuration was resetted into factory-condition.
My "Piranha" by Foxcon , already pretty shaky, was vintage 2008. On Friday then was the good by.
From Vista to Windows 10, from Firefox to Opera (and back) ... so the second hand nearly new one was configurated. Over Pentecost the installations-blues.
The data could be saved by an specialist. But all installeted programs were lost incl. my Photoshop. The latter is now newly installed. The surface of the word-document sucks - where is the highlight- button? (Now I know, it's control. A) I'm now an "open office writer).
For illustration of the astrological part of the event here my 1942-special-constellation which got the passage of Sun last week until Tuesday this week. On Monday Sun was with Mars: blind new beginning; Tuesday morning Sun was with Uranus: origin. All that referring to Taurus: saving.

And now the new week

5.  16. - 23.  2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colous and elements fire, earth, air and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
   (click to enlarge)
20. week

Sun quits it's rule on the social hearts of the tribe = Taurus
on Friday with it's vigor and squander
and the investments of the players = Sun
in Taurus' saving
and Sun in Twins will be opening the yearly
roundelay of the elements for the third of them
with it's distance and overview
and it's angst of the depths
(skillfull  compensated by submarines)

on Friday afternoon entry
Sun in Twins
running in alternating -resonating-voices in
 short-time opposition with Mars in Sagittarius

and the following refers to the milieu
of Taurus and Twins
as their Rulers

Mercury and Venus
are furthermore  calling - in
on the savers

Mercury's business since early May aback
now for the last days before turning forward again at 14,4° Taurus
and still  again it's time to visit the eon-relatives of the fiery element  since 1603
referrs to all ofunder the sky of this hemisphere

and our Venus collectoress  Monday at the virtuell push-button
of the earth-element at 16,9° Taurus
Mars of the earth-heritage in the eon
so Venus monday at the trigger of the earth in complementary opposition with earths Neptune
so push-utton and delete-button
of our earth-relatives since 1802
between 16,9° Taurus and 18,9° Scorpio

as to the rest
in relative enduring resonance
further the great sqares
and the great opposition
of this time
 about which this chronicle has kept and is keeping permanent musing
for example that the squares suppusedly are swinging in quarter-bars ...

Uranus / Pluto

Aries / Capricorn


Neptune / Saturn

Pisces / Sagittarius


Saturn /Jupiter

Sagittarius / Virgo

... while a opposition swings alternating

Neptune / Jupiter

Pisces / Virgo

in  dances the paradoxes of the world are without words "aufgehoben"
(this German word contains the meaning of suspended and saved)

homo sapiens are not only dancing animals
they also  create the music dafür

and Moon elementary ruler of the traveling and dancing element
of traveling light in the darkness of the female halve in universe
psychologicly "anima"

  in male's life normally hidden in the sleep with it's theater
of the archetypes looking for a conscious home for the Self
every night

Moon this week dancing through the quarter of the zodiac
between 21,3° Virgo and 14,8° Sagittarius

Geschrieben in Murnau am 16.5.2016, UTC: 13:17, gepostet: UTC 14:15 und 15:38.
In English: 5.18.2016, UTC 18:57.

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