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Bliss and Misery in the Blood Red Cup of Mars


4. 5. - 14. 2021  0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac 
(0° Aries = March 20/21.)
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 
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Women's Mysteries 

"[...] if the woman loses the connection with the feminine
principle, which governs the laws of  relatedness, she no 
longer can have the leadership in the realm,  which after 
all is her's, the realm of human relations. Until she has 
that, there is no much hope for an order in this 
aspect of life." 

Esther Harding,  Woman's Mysteries, Zürich 1949.,  p. 23

"Also the man,  [...] as his own contact with the inner or 
psychic world is not ruled by male but by feminine laws ..."

ibid. p. 24

"[...] the great Heaven's light, which rules the bright day of
reason, as well as the small Heaven's light, which governs the
 Night of the instinct and the shady perceptions of the inner
intuitive world."

ibid. p. 29

 weaker night lite
 leaving the rhythms
 and  enough darkness
 for other distinct players
 in Heaven's eternal game
 keeping visibility 
 night lights
 correcting the fails
 of the day

power to let grow
to provide fertility
primitives regard Moon
Sun hardly

etym. mens(is)
initially Moon-month
conf. Islam

Venus Libra,


 governing the laws of relatedness,
related to Mars
 the 'drawee' 
who was there in the first place
 fiery male
without air
of Libra

14. Week 2021

the male in 
in Twins
now having anything it needs
on demonic and holy ways
after all
went aboard
 Aries 'ship'
of Mars in Twins
pressing forward 
into space fiery space
by Mars'
this week
in the (in) visible mirrors
of the zodiac
of man Anthropos
and woman

aside from coming Monday
ruling the night
 the day-world of Sun
gradually changed
by Venus' gradually gaining
distance to Sun
thus  instinct getting  space
 to emotion

but Mercury
the intellect and the intellectual
in us
now obeys the fresh
blind Mars 
in the space
end of the week
 mirroring the state of innocence
of Neptune' childly angels
demonically or
with the horns of fire

Anything else in the zodiac this week doesn't move particularly, e.g.:

 Saturn/Uranus, the 'every-ten-years-child' of stop and fly, still further holding tight the square of the fighting or uniting resonance of  right-angular 'tower' and the ying and yang of the Aquarian  wings of dionysos .

 In the planetary scale the maxims: 'the winner takes it all' and 'win - win' - hegemonic or multi-polar world- are in confrontation, mirroring  the crumble of demonic bridges and like while the building of the healthy ones.

 Venus towards end of Aries, moves to the  top of the Venus/Pluto-resonance from Aries up to Capricorn.

Here  the greed of the physical fire-world responds to the sacrifice of the spiritual father-world of the earth-element.

Venus and Pluto
 relish and waiver
refined savour
off fire
attendance of richness
and balance 
Venus in Aries
wild urge forward 
 center and
heart of the week
of the day-world
pushing the demons
of yore

Mars this week mirrors in his 1,6 Earth-years-circle his rhythmical square-fate in the Neptune-image of innocence. He experiences the structural identity with his mirror-ensign, the innocence of the divine child Neptune, which is childlike goodness mirrored by childlike ire of blind (Mercury in Aries) intellectual ire or ire of the intellectuals.

This Mars-ire,  mirror of innocence, now in Twins mirroring,  in the other-world, the waiver of Pluto, waiver of spiritual vanity in the temporal world (Sagittarius), and thus e.g. in the shape of  Vladimir Putin,  heavenly Pluto keeping  earthly demons since 21 years  at bay.

7. 10. 1052 Leningrad
Vladimir   Putin

otherwise the coming connection
 for the demons is time
of attack
out of the once secret arsenals
but for the children of God
in the world
time of new beginning
in innocence

Of the good mediator

"The demons share with God the immortality, but with man 
the misery.  Hereto namely the immortal and miserable demon
makes himself to mediator: that he denies the access into the 
blessed immortality, but leads to immortal misery. So he is like 
bad mediator, who  sunders friends. - But Christ shared with 
God the bliss. but with man the mortality. That is why he had 
made himself a mediator: that after waved aside mortality 
as well - as what he, resurrecting, rendering with himself - 
of deaths immortals, like also of miserables Blessed. So he is
a good mediator, who reconciles enemies."

Thomas v. Aquin, Summa Theologica, 1. ad 2.

Murnau, 4. 7. 2021, UTC:16.00


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