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Of Realms Venus is ruling Six - Sharing with Analyst Mercury the Challenge by Jupiter to Reconcile


4. 28.  - 5. 5. 2021  0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac 
(0° Aries = March 20/21.)
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 
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"Let me thank you cordially for your paintings and the text
[...] I find your technique has improved amazingly. One
of your paintings is nearly like of the holy Hildegard from
 the beginning of the  13. century, this I realized just. (Image 
of a naked figure in the center of the circle.) This seems to be
specifically feminine. With a man it's almost some abstraction,
 e.g. a geometrical figure expression of his innermost essence.
Presumably Logos and Eros , personal and unpersonal shape
the basic differences between man and woman."

C.G.JUNG, Letters,  12. 28. 1927

"Innermost Essence", what corresponds to in in a horoscope? Is it the ascendant? We call it the natural disposition. Is it the native Sun? We call it the behavior. Truly not is it the descendant, showing the innate image of the encountering complement.

For no image I find,  the male thirst being as strong as for the naked woman.

The million-obsession (therefore the super-selling 'repressisve de-sublimation' in the seventieth)

of the since then bought '68ers', now in green, whose children are now in the fortieth

and their parents in the seventieth.

When JUNG talks of our innermost substance then in the zodiac it correlates with Cancer, 
the way into the interior, wherever this sign is ruling in the horoscope of the individual, and
wherever Moon is executing it.

In some, e.g. my   my image of nativity, the first house belongs to Cancer with Moon in it
telling as much as 'outwardly visibility of the interior of all of us'.


the swinging soul
of all

appearance of vigorous softness

in  the rhythm of fulfilling intrepidity

of the feminine

in the innermost

of the male music

the first house makes
immediate impulses
visible for

once again the 16. week

after three weeks igniting Mars-ruler-ship and the escalation of the Ukraine.crisis, last week started obviously the securing and delimitative phase of Venus-ruler-ship, which found it's expression in the address of President Putin

7. 10. 1952 Leningrad

in front of the assembly of both chambers of the Russian Nation.

And now the

17. Week 2021 in God's name

the attacker
first week of Mars under
fire under water
in Cancer

to read like an inner
drive for destroy for renewal
executed by Moon = feeling
in two- and- a -half-day-steps
from Scorpio to Aquarius
rolling though the week

last not least
the temper of Mars
in Cancer
is mirroring the spirit of
owing to
Cancer mirroring 


Venus meanwhile
securing instinct
demonic greed and social humanity
together with Mercury
the analyst
through the week in which
at home in Taurus
is overlordess of 
six signs
ruled by four 

and Venus together with  Mercury in the conjunctions of fire and earth

beginning on Monday

have their union of the year

positions of the Kingsconjunctions
in the four elements
here fire and earth
 I hold for them being
kind of  'gas-stations' filled with
spirit and realism
 this week unloading  into
Venus and Mercury
spirit-energy and earth-hunger
for the great gestalt of man
called by God
out off the four   elements

1305 Water
1603 Fire
1802 Earth
1980 Air

17. Week further

current Sun-in
at home in
roots and security
uniting six rhythms
at home in the social herd
on Friday/Saturday
united with the heavenly spirit
of Uranus


thereby configurating
in the 10-years
Saturn square Uranus
slowly fading away
of the the enduring
in stone and
most artificially connected
by bridgings
of tower and arc


while Mercury
and Venus next week
united in square
of stride and love
with Jupiter's
comprehensive spirit
of conciliation
by creation
in  union with the


Murnau, April 28. 2021, UTC : 15:54.


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