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On Sun and Old 'Magic' in Taurus


5. 3. - 12. 2021  0:00 UTC
under the northern Zodiac 
(0° Aries = March 20/21.)
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 
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 "Because and but man may run in so many species in
 human reason| so many species of  creature is| in all 
genera. Therefore it is  need that are snake men |
 toad men | sow men | cock men | lion men are described. 
For off the elements are given various corpora | off the 
firmament go various spirits." 

" ... the body of the elements is placed in four bodies"
" ... the body of the creatures in many hundred and one  races"
" ... the body of man in one body."


 Astrology = key
to element, animal and man

the elementary first four of the lower third 

Aries Taurus Twins 

followed by the   ensouled second four of the median third

Leo Virgo Libra

completed by the spiritual third four of the upper third

Sgittarius Capricorn Aquarius

three quadripartite
four threepartite
but always 

18. Week

we are with Sun
and the narrow planets
entirely in the zodiacal realms of matter

with the paradox
that spirit of the air
 in 28  of his 84 years
is again circling in the realm of matter
now moving
in the second of his 12 
in Taurus
hence spirit - also the demon
becomes material

and watch, what happened, when Uranus 1938 moved over the red  Uranus of the fire-Element from 1603

17. 12. 1938, Berlin

over these 14,2° Taurus Sun moved last Sunday - hence the  world's -nuclear-fission's-day, observed by no one.

 last Uranus period in Taurus
1935 - 1942

The last Uranus - day in Taurus in  the last period was:  May 15. 1942

The last Uranus-day of the current period will be April 26. 2026


On Friday Sun moves over 16,9° Taurus: the Mars of the Kings-conjunction in the earth-element. This Mars is the igniter of the combustible mass of material = Taurus. But gladly he receives the opposition of the earth-Neptune at 18,9° Scorpio they are only 2° beneath the perfect opposition = strong synchronicity  So the meaning is: ignition in the rage of the elementary materiality and extinguishing by  the meek child-god in the upper stratum of the soul.

This is exactly, what happened, in the 14. Week 2017 when Mars passed earth-Mars and the opposition of earth-Neptune, 2° later:  Another serious confrontation between  the US and Russia loomed, and - ended in a kind of military 'window-dressing'-attack on vacated  buildings and an airbase.

14. Week 2017

to Mercury it happened
on Tuesday
Venus will experience it
on Sunday
exit off the collecting earth-element
entrance into the researching air-element of 
mirroring the measures of things
= Capricorn
in names and numbers


but  Mars 
hiking further with his
early light
in the two and a half days rhythm
of Moon
from sign to sign
doing a year in a month
in the to and fro floating stage
of feeling
= Cancer

mirroring the high spirit of 
under the low level of 
in the lap of
every night

now visited by Mars
the pusher

Murnau 5 5. 2021, UTC: 21:10.


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