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Yes - surely he is a Killer - the Best were his Good Whishes

4. 12. - 21. 2021  0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac 
(0° Aries = March 20/21.)
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 
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"The driving forces of a mass-psychological movement
 are of archetypal nature. Each archetype contains deepest
and highest, evil and benign and therefore is able of most
contradictory effects".

C.G.JUNG, Epilog to "Aufsätze zur Zeitgeschichte
(Articles on Contemporary History) Coll. W. 10,  § 474.

"Is the realization of an archetype not consciously
consummated, so no guaranty exist for that it will
 realize in it's benign form; rather than the danger
menaces, that a pernicious regression will  happen. 
It seems, as if the soul for this purpose has it's 
consciousness, namely to avoid such destructive

ibid. § 475

For all astrological forecasting takes effect, that always the divine healthy and the demonic varieties of the same archetype are acting in rivalry. So JUNG's statement seems to remain valid, that the same constellation one time signifies a catastrophe, the other time a catarrh. Thereby a seamless reference to GOD the unknown creator remains given:

Isajah 45. 7

"I form the light, and create
 darkness, /I make peace, and create
 evil./ I the LORD do all these things.

In the year of Saturn / Uranus
constellation 2021
of Aquarius and Taurus

where in the latter currently
has heavenly right to
for thinking spirit
on Earth

while in the former
Saturn the tower
and Jupiter the watcher
in the Aquarius of man - his origin 
by thinking

by this reason 
Saturn/Uranus personified
immortal example 

JUNG's first house
of the daily revolution
psychic man-being
Saturn's conservative

26. 7. 1875, 7:24 pm, Kesswil, Switzerland

determination: Sagittarius: Watcher
Jupiter in the 8. house of mankind

current Jupiter
with the wings of Aquarius

so these months command
to live full
communicate with
each day

create your 

Again, look at JUNG's Gestalt:

Heaven's consciousness 
(7. house)
of itself  Uranus 
in an  encounter of Heaven 
ASC Aquarius
with man's heart
by lived 
(infinite ladders)
for all of us

And here a wing of   42'ers

stretching over months
appearing all 10 -13 years as
of tower and wing

recent 0°-meetings

5' 1942
10' 1952
4' 1965
4' 1977
1' 1988
7' 1999
11' 2008
2' 2021
6' 2032

in them are resonating the
archetypal laws of
Heaven - spirit - of symbols
and Earth - spirit - of measures
above the archetypal horizon of man
who shall erect the cathedral of spirit in consciousness
like under the physical Earth
in the inner infinity
of man
inhabited by the divine archetypal family
in the scale
of a Sun-year

so also

for Capricorn and Aquarius
spirit in here
mountain-high and bird-flight
Saturn + Uranus
dominance of gestalt
in this year 
even before their

like planting little trees
for coming spiritual's grove
of Man-god Uranus
in Taurus' fertile mature landscapes

while in the demonic tight occupied
spheres of Jupiter
patience and  confidence
anonymously radiating and
the  spiritual fields of 
the living are plowed

no one has to lecture the peasant
of the seasons
and the Taurus
much less

and Venus, Lordess of herds and couples
last week this year moved till today
through the fiery wilderness of Aries
where new territory is occupied
at the place where Mars was hiking

in Twins
the narrative
non-kinetic realm
of the propagandist

the highest accessible for the astrologer seems to me to be the wise afterwards. That is after all so much more worthwhile than never become wise.  Confidently leaving the leading to the Gods, what can be more desirable for a serene mind.

orientation, language, narrative
here the demons are firing densely packed:
to occupy territory as much
as ire provides
in Twins, air-element
territory of INFORMATION

 Taurus and Libra
beginning next week
a new time-segment
by rule of
since Monday are able to
take roots in Taurus'

Goddess of roots
and balance
above the landscapes of the Earth
and the fields of the 
moves today
into the native
prairies steppes and
of the social grazing creatures
where the existence is sheltered
by the Gods of community
which  all 10 to 13 years
respect the impossible:
struggle and union of 
Heaven and (high) Earth

but Mars
is further leading the resonance
of the last weeks
in square with Neptune
by peace in the first mirror
and angry humility
in the third one
mirroring the waiver of the hero 
by temporal delivery

 6 mirrors, 15. Week 2021

and wee
all sane and
demonic warped
in the mirror of Mars
 God of sacrifice
killing and healing

archetype and God of sacrifice
for the sake of  maintaining
the species
in the state of crucifying
the subjective

by the way and anyway
our observation
our conscious - becoming


"Habentibus symbolum facilis est

("For those, having the symbol
the transition is easy".)

Master-quote of Alchemists, 
(see JUNG, Psychology and Alchemy)

in the zodiac
separating the favorable from the unfavorable
following the intuition
of the heart
so walking the way of man
as a way of god
and perceiving also this 
last week
of the energy of Aries
raging ahead
in the narrative
(Mars in Twins)
before the narrative powder
is faded entirely

"Zelensky overplayed
Biden's hand"

and here yet
 the long  basic waves
this week 
shaping our
basic gestalt
between 1305 and 2179

heart and brain

Mars - connection with 
home in the wilderness

start your communication with Heaven
do your own astrology 
feed your watcher

heaven talking Man

Murnau, 4, 14. 2021, UTC: 16:23, 


like them
those f'...'n

create and lay down them

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