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Sharp Tongues and the We-Week

12. 28. 2015 - 1. 4. 2016
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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 12. 28. 2015

what is  still left of you
when you have left the  temporal
master Dö told us it "is" Capricorn

it is 10th house
it is the effected
it's the determinating
aka the naming 

I may add
 God "is" the
father in law for Adam
so I have praised Gods spark in my father in law
his name caries my luck and my burden
in German the spark has a name
it's called "Anstand" (decency)

so much for Capricorn in whose high region this week

wandering Sun
calls the children of Capricorn into life 
whose hearts are  filled with joy
for measure
and the brain
in the sign of Mercury

also is wandering in Capricorns measure and truth

and also in Capricorn

since the dark autumn of truth
Pluto in Capricorn testifies
on the throne of Saturn
against the gold-men of the son-demons
and still testifies this week and with him

and still unborn
at heavens high court

about the temporal circles of the sons
and the crime scenes 
of the demons
and the real sword of truth of Uranus in Aries
caries out in resonance with Pluto
the judgements

but Venus and with her the city of man
has yet (Monday) three days
for the sacrifice of reserves for the species
then Venus moves four weeks
above  congregations and courts at round places
in circles and territories

and next week Venus will be with Saturn
with the high judge of fatherly truth 
with child Neptune as assessor
about the  providences of Jupiter
in Virgo 
whose hermaphroditic light
shortly interrupts with the Capricorn-run of Mercury
in reception of the decisive message
between Saturday and Thursday
for to fly shortly above all borders in Aquarius
and to change the high message of the durable earth
into spirit 
and then to fly back immediately
into Capricorn 
for the reception of more determination
with the terrestrial message of the winter
until mid-February
for ultimately changing it into spirit
which with and without stake of the time
for a quarter inhere everything
and Mars this week

his fatigue in Libra
and with the entrance of Mars in Scorpio
on Sunday ... 

  the we-week of our eon shall start here
showing the transits of the week on the
Kings-Conjunctions in the four elements
the fourfold horoscope of our collective fate


 Mars stopping off every 1,6 years
at any place in the zodiac
 arrives on Sunday at the old
green king and son of the water
of 1305
lords of measure and circle
of feeling at 0,8° Scorpio
and carries deep under and high above
our sensual horizon 
the waver-sword for a new spring of feeling
for our species
maybe his high-altitude storm will whirl down
until to the horizon
of the mirroring consciousness

 and with Venus is wandering

the unhurt skin
the plastic strength
and the secure connection 
tonight (monday) midnight
to the young Uranus of the air
since 1980 for 8 centuries
to the temporal place of the extra-temporal
highest nearness to God
in the spirit  inherent for a quarter
within everything

and on Sunday midnight
Venus with her realms and courts
arrives at our traveling angel
Mercury of fire
("angelos" gr. the messenger)
at 4.9°  since 1603 in Sagittarius
who carries the advice of the measure
of all beginnings
(fire = beginning)
into the space

strong and sovereign Sun radiates

and with him unconsciously our heart
on Thursday Friday Saturday

with the eon-Suns 
of  air- and water-element
or spirit and feeling
of the two Kings-Conjunctions
- the oldest green one of 1305
and the youngest blue one of 1980 -
and uniting are  Sun and the virtual Sunlight
of the two birthdays of our eon
together with the virtual intellect-light of
air -Mercury and water - Mercury

Eternal measure of life - this is the yearly promise of the three virtual Sun-days at the beginning of each year. Promise, waiting in the warm center of our spirit (air) and our feeling (water) - "our" as relatives of the common eon - for radiation by conscious realization and acknowledgement of decency, humility, and
piety as eternal measure of generation. 

Moon in man or lady soul

the nightlight commences this week in the bright world of the
light-I-am-by-myself Lioness
Wednesday till Friday morning Luna the lady of the inner rooms
then moves through the outer realm of Virgo

 since Friday noon then in Libra Moon visits
the night-court over love and partition

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