Montag, 14. Dezember 2015

Sun in the Afternoon of Meaning

12. 14. - 21. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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Monday draftday
this is what we had
last Monday

 let's maintain it
a moment

Moons draft
volatile reception
of silken 
[tenderly lurking]
impressionism in the shadow
the heartskins

warming Expressionism 
the invention of the game
by heart

allein d’Seel‘
fangd d’Sunna ei

wie d‘ Nachd
an Dag]

[only soul
catches with Sun
like night does
with day)
and that is " a Schdrugdur"

[bavarian for 
that's a pattern]

and around these all
and us
around are the others

[un um des ois und uns

san de andan]

and the father lies on top

and mother lies below

and around all of this is the circle

animals gods
slowly keeping the wheel spinning

so let's keep it spinning
the coming this week

so let's start again
quick and deep
with Moon
Moon is the 
the floating
is water

the inner
the fourth element connecting the three
like an inner elevator
called paternoster
with overwater ever

even in a sea
around the horizon
hardly to conceive
but presentable

and the traveling fate of the week
in four-four-times

of the month
moves Moon

and the bar of this week
was clocked by the dream of this (Monday-) night
was clocked in Capricorn

but from afternoon already
keeping on flying
under the wings of ghost or spirit

in the light element
being borne around by heavenly winds

and ready to dive back home

on Thursday afternoon
traveling depth monthly down into 
the depths never
less than two days
before new Surface!
and simmering in the wild light

at Saturday

and meanwhile

Sun solo
in the afternoon of heaven
in the late fourth of heaven
in the dispensition

and tomorrow Sun will be bathing

in the childblue depths of the air element
before ...
entrance in the purity of the brightness
of the element fire
in the late bright quarter of the spirits
four quarters
the late and the only
in the spirit of a moment
the non temporal truth of heaven

and with fire is every circle beginning
in the heigh's and in the depths 
Sun and Venus of our common species
fiery  quarter as one element
of four of our common aeon

(the Kingsconjunction in element fire was 1603
so a good deal of the earliest relatives in our aeon dealing with
"hot", "sharp", "peaked",
(in the three versions of
material - emotional or spiritual
had the 30 years war in their life
these early relatives in our aeon
so far heart and center and Sun

and holy squander
and like Sun and Venus - one time a year -

so this week will be notified by the brain
of Hermes 
the judgement of the father in Capricorn
and again Hermes notifies the judgement

in attendance of Pluto's grateful dead in resonance
to Uranus the mangod
and in the weeks beginning still in resonance with
Mars who stormed last week the one-off
so much for Hermes aka Mercury and Pluto

in fatherly Capricorn

and so much in the conciliated circle of the son
the fatherly providence of Saturn
at the altar of fire this week
in resonance the depth
of the all-attendance
in the childly god
seizing the spirit
and on the waves of paradoxes riding

the heavy
over the edge of the ice-field
and has nothing to move in the 
extra temporal field
and has to offer some of the rich pattern
 for feeding the grateful attendants
in this new type of World War 

while with Jupiter in the last quarter of Virgo
it is time to celebrate the  
far looking conciliatory spirit with Jupiter in the present
"virgin" management of the world crisis

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UTC 13:58.

In English UTC 20:16 on Wednesday 16th. 

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