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The Syrian-Resolutions of the UN and the Aeon -Hypothesis

The last two of the 3 UN-Resolution to Syria agreed to on Dec. 17. and 18, are , from the astrological point of view, rare events for the sake of prove. Events like them seem to me  being rare, because being solutions, or steps to solutions bought by historically payed by  Mountains of Victims.

Further down I'm coming up with a short analysis of an interesting aspect of the constellations of Dec. 12. and 18. But to understand the  constellations, being analyzed I have to guide you, dear reader through some reflections.

The character of solutions in astrological consideration emerge out of the "fourth element":  the soluble one. Viewed in this light solution ought to emerge off  Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, of family, waver and surrender.

Solution I call acts, which unite the opposites - and squares which appear in the crosses of opposite Elements in nature and zodiac. United opposites or squares are  the paradox root of all successful beings in nature.
Its the "crossing" of two sexes and four elements which is expected of every living creature. And to welcome the paradox in his perception is expected of the spirit and soul of the human being and seems only manageable with help of his "spirit" represented in astrology by the signs from Sagittarius to Pisces.

The imago of the zodiac/year isn't limited to opposition or square but calls for a twelve fold image of the heaven in 12 stations or houses with their inhabitants in a chain of images, landscapes ... and the moving lights within represent the 10 gods whose homes and reigns the 12 are and  God himself is invisibly attending. Its the way, the Egypt, Babylonians, Greeks contemplated the nights and days of the heavens and times on  their then quite planet.
This is easy to imagine like a fairy tale - my astrological believe is: life is - a fairy tale - (and the Russians actually seem to realize they are in one).

 Twelve fold heaven is sixfold  unity of contradictions - or threefold unity of crosses or squares of the four elements which  constantly apply as 3 moving crosses of meaning = 12 "Signs" moving in the steady threefold crucification of every double - hour of every day of Nature. And the heavens and their "landscapes"are used to move daily around the mountains, the seas, the insects, ...
and every single one of the 12 prongs or jags of the crown of Scorpio is a sacrifice borne soul radiating for  one of the twelve heavenly beings.
And the female version of everything in heaven are the "signs" or landscapes and the male version of heaven are the great traveling rhythms represented by the lights - Sun and Moon - and the planets.
 And this constant quiet heavenly round-dance  of 10 heavenly beings  in front of 12 heavenly landscapes -  male within the female -  are mirrored in the depths of natures psyche and high over and  deep underneath the horizon of human consciousness.

And without this mirroring no call of God would ever have been answered by the light of nature. And no child of God would  ever have left the Lap of God like a stream borne  in the mountains.

 And the heavenly lights and signs are arranging the times of hiking and changing the landscapes and visiting members of lights family and showing the wonders of mixture of opposites in the height over the surface of earth, where creatures are living in whose psyche's depths the heavenly lights are mirroring,
like  contemplated in a recent  blog in analogy to the Jet-Stream- phenomenon in the height of earthly nature   having it's mirror  in the depth of psyche being to believe as an astrological hypothesis.

Back to New York, back to UNO and the unbelievable unification of the contradicting geo-strategical camps of the main-players in two (3) Resolutions.
Hopefully the hitherto mentioned might be sufficient  an entrance for a little "aeonian"analysis:

Paris - New York - Two Weeks Transit-Eddy off the Aeon

Two weeks in succession international decisions, called "historic".

Hight- and depth-vortex of the Sagittarius-time are to be noted, reaching unto the plains of consciousness. 

First on 12. 12. in Paris on the climate-conference  the adoption of the final resolution by all attending nations,

and on 12. 17. and 18. in New York the "sensational" SC-Resolutions, initiated by Russia, brought in by the USA, unanimously adopted in which the exclusive authority of the people of Syria for their government is stated.

The following chart shows Sun and current planets and their positions while the events in Paris and NY.

The orbital between the signs and the lights carries the constellations for the four elements of our aeon according to the four Kings-Conjunctions of 1305, 1603, 1802 and 1980

 While the moments of the resolutions there were 6 visits, actually four, as Saturn and Neptune moved in the distance of one week hardly essential.

The climate-resolution of Paris saw
Venus with Moon of air
Saturn with Saturn/Jupiter of fire
Neptune with Pluto of earth

To read Venus' meaning  she is the "collector" under the planets and rules all collecting acts and she is the goddess uniting the warring contradicts presenting a pan to each of them. In her collecting mirror-image there is all the loading which as the collected abundance is weighing on the planet.
The blue Moon certainly signifies the spirit of the wells of life.

Saturn as god is placing the measures and borders, as gardener with the godly pruners; here with Saturn the top-officials of mankind visiting the top-official of fire and his son. And as fire always is the beginning of each process its the official visit of the head of the beginning, as where is fire, there is inception.

Neptune with Pluto of the earth. The lord of the Pisces, to read as lord of all resolving as the sea does to the rivers with Pluto of the earth in Pisces, signifying the maritime solution for the climate of the earth  in the waver for the yet still unborn. 

The Syria-Resolution of the UNSC saw

 Sun with Sun of the fire-element at 26° Sagittarius
Mercury with Sun/Mercury of the air-element
Saturn with Saturn/Jupiter of the fire-element
Neptune with Pluto of the earth-element

 Sun with Sun of fire, in Sagittarius, again fire= the beginning, the vigor of the initial energy-state,  t h e  golden day in the year for all, 12.18., a Holiday for the inhabitants of the planet

Simultaneously Mercury with the blue Sun/Mercury of the air-element.  Spirit of the earth and the ratio of spiritual life together with blue Sun, the spiritual heart in Capricorn, visited by Mercury, the "brain".

Saturn and Neptune as above mentioned.

 Now again, what might to be conceived with this "visiting" of heavenly characters
of times ago by current lights and planets?
The answer is depending on  conscious registration of such visits, and on the study of the examples in history and presence on which  your humble chronicler  has done no more than  first glimpses.

Underneath and above of our consciousness - without any resonance with our natural senses - these exactly demonstrable transit-resonances occur.  And the thereby signified whirls in the heights in depth mirrors sometimes whirl until the surface of the consciousness and link  in seizures and actions which come from wide afar like now  those in Paris and NY, as they are of deep origin. They are,  rightly acknowledged,  dates leading to new living holidays.

Murnau den 19.12.2015, UTC 18:06. In English: 12.23. UTC 0:51.

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