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Of Ridges and Prongs and One Holiday After

12. 21. - 28. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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12. 21. 2015


 today one week ago Sun the spender
went through the maximal resonance to Jupiter
in one of two squares with him
one of the four brightest days in the resonance-year
and now

 on the last Sagittarius- day of Sun
it's high time to talk about the symbol and the sign

C.G. Jung said:  
"An expression, put for a known matter, always remain a sheer sign and is never a symbol. Therefore it is completely impossible, to create a living  symbol, pregnant with meaning, out of known coherences [...]
Every psychic product, in as much as it is for the moment the best possible expression for an until then unknown or only relatively known matter of fact, can be construed as symbol, as one is inclined to suppose, that the expression wants to denote also that, what is yet guessed but not clearly known."

  Zodiac-sign now has something of both of them
as sign it assorts times to 12 pictures

and everybody knows, what is meant
but as symbol it is at least an image

that has a meaning
likewise unequivocal and irrational
not derivable
this "likewise" itself is something
what as third
as the 3
is co-growing and
co-moving with Mercury
the heart with Sun
blooms rhythmically to the 10
Moon  is budding
with the 7
as far as this chronicle is reading
well knowing that Moon is  at home in the 4th
and Sun in the 5th house 
of the zodiac of the  heavenly lights

Now this week since Tuesday Sun is in Capricorn
under the ridge of God
shining in the silence of measure
mirrored in names in the languages of the 
neighborly creatures

and Mercury the talk- able light also
under the ridge of heaven
like Sunand with Venus the collecting heaviness
in Scorpio in "fall" as the tradition says 
and with extra-load for the beginning of the week and the weekend

today on Monday Venus visits the Neptune of the earth-element
and off the depth of the heavy firm element that
reaches to the treetops and the ridges of the mountains
and the simile of the day tells of the upfloating child of the firm element
corrugating onto the firm boxes bricks and pipes of Venus

and on Sunday
green whirls off the depth are  stirring at the surface
of the late Scorpio-landscape
indicating the green residing Venus of the water-element
residing there in the depth since 1305
collecting the sacrifices necessary for the species to survive
for our aeon for some 8 hundred years

and the wandering Neptune-child in resonance with Saturn-father
playing at the bottom of our common feelings
in the depths of Pisces together with
 Pluto deep down of earths gravity
with his 12 pronged crown being there
since 1802 for centuries of the current aeon
of the inhabitants of earth
Pluto/Neptune means devotion to the leading images of life

and of Mars is to refer the spiky one
igniting the blue bird of air-Pluto who deep
under the horizon with the images above the dreams
mirroring in those always second pan
which Libra offers the opposing party
Mars/Pluto refers to the door-opener for the leading images of life
  apart from that
the week once more exhibits the painful square
 in the Libra-realm of the middle

and also again the Uranus/Pluto/Square of 2013 - 2015
paradoxically connecting foreground with background
where in the background the dead and still unborn strengthen 
the moral momentum in the stoutly grasps of man in the foreground

Jupiter and his circles remain further without additional resonances
in Virgo in the brightening of the cost/benefit-relations
of life

Sagittarius since Tuesday again without the annual heart light of Sun
but further in the attendance of guest Saturn the
invisible old measured modest father.

and with Moon the hiking family-lust and -burden
tonight has it found peace like in a plane land
with fields and rivers

and awaiting is Wednesday till Friday morning
the easy world
above the dreams
which makes working so comfortable in
"airy" practicality

till the Friday-baptism in the feelings of the inner
in which Moon keeps floating in us
between the  banks and branches of the stream
receiving life and stepping into
flush at Sunday afternoon

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