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Embodiment and Conception

 7. 8. - 15. 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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"All unknown and emptiness  is filled by
 projections, it's like  in the darkness the 
background of the soul of the regarding 
one  is mirroring. What he sees in matter
and means to recognize are initially his own
unconscious givens, which he projects there
 into. i.e. out of the matter are stepping
features and possibilities of meaning, 
apparently belonging to it, whose psychic
nature are completely unconscious to him."

C.G.Jung, Psychologie and Alchemie, § 332
(my translation)

This 'soul-background', JUNG talks about, is pure nature, pure cosmos, projected as animals, gods and things (Libra). The intuitive security of inkling of women concerning astrology, corresponds to the Cancer-Sun of the earth-horoscope of 1802 till 2577, which subordinates the earth-element in the unconsciousness for 775 years the dominance and the creative drive of Girls and women. (conf. also  earth of 149 A.D. sorry, German lang. only).

With this opens a rich future to the astrology of success. Principle: not  against or without heaven - two times no - but with heaven.

embrace the success

the supreme word for 'heaven'
to me is success
and it's presence in the

and 'being' to me are the 12
as mirrored 6
coercing success
by silent
in the order of the fourth day 
of creation
which we in 
man's meaning
more or less 
fall short of

But sure with  me is, that to the  to- be -about the conscious will and not -will is conceded.

The 82. Psalm  views God as the father of the gods. In them the multiplicity of the divine - "signs and times" looms as spiral through the 'floors' of the divine in the year, between the father and his children - whose Tao the ancient creatively meditated in the time of temples, when there not yet were slaves and the dept was forgiven.


From the bottom of the elements via the range of soul up to the spirit again the spiral as projected 12-fold abstarction of God in and around of us, with our consciousness as mirror of the eternal 6 days of creation, which we as marvels of eternity every morning start our blind day presence.

This chronicle locates the presence of the 'Anthropos', the human figure of succeeding, in our unconsciousness, recognized by God who loves his children and receives them in his memory while still living, what the chronicler understands as succeeding or arriving.

The spirit deals with four kinds of silence
of which only one is in time
but spirit is in three parts
before time

"And in him was life, and life was the light on men." Joh. 1. 4.

Spirit is silence
like in the beginning so in the end
heaven mirrored
in the river
heading for the

spirit mirrored by
since origin
of our star

28. Week

Sun and Mercury
expression and mediation
in the elementary sign
the interior

mam conceives in the soul

women in the spirit

Sun and Mercury
travel in the 'backpack' of
through three houses of spirit
Capricorn Aquarius and Pisces
and then back into the fire of

the wit of angels and demons
the rule of Twins and Virgo
transporting in his 'backpack'
ruler of
Taurus' and Libra's
realm of
social and sexual connection
till end of July
by which
Venus hosts in the
second of 7 years
toppling the towers of
Capricorn's  traditional order
even in the range of language
while  in Twins
has to mirror Capricorn
and his
three divine guests
on the 'pilgrims way'

And also in this week happens the square of 'in front of' and 'down below' between Mars blind outbreak of energy and Mercury's meaningful discrimination on the slippery  humid ground of the lap of the sexes in the cosmos of Cancer. Therewith a wave is rising of intensities between outburst and verbal conception around the grades concerned.

A second event becomes more tangible end of this and  beginning next week will happen: 
Opposition between Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn and Sun in Cancer. Here the general up high and down there the heart of the private intimacies, conditioning each other and  keeping each other at bay.
Capricorn maintains the order in which the intimacy of Cancer is possible.

 ... While Mars is going to mirror Neptune, the wild mirroring the mild.


Entwurf 5. 7. 2020, UTC: 14:31.
Murnau, 6. 7. 2020, UTC: 15:00
In English: 7. 8. 2020, UTC: 15:13.


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