Donnerstag, 2. Juli 2020

Saturn Reenters the House of Order

 7. 1. - 8. 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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Mundanes Tagebuch  31. 10. 2006

"Slowly it seems to become clearer, where the process
is moving to. Only via description of horoscopes it
works, that was already  evident to me, true, I'm not
a psychologer. Now to me appears the central insight:
(the Kingsconjunction of) 1802 certainly leads into 
introversion (Sun in Cancer) or via it.
Another example also 154 AD. Hence the world power
of the soul, which the  martyrs have substantiated
 and still do. The venture of  wholeness after the
circular ordinance of the stations of life excludes the 
linear  specialism. Therefore the nigredo  (eclipse), 
in the beginning,  when creative processes  get under 
way: the  drowning in the  multitude of life."

So far the chronicler 14 years ago. After then 26 years of daily ascending the mountain of time, rolling the yearly 'Sisyphus-stone' upwards ... which now and again on the other side easily  rolls downwards ...the hill 

With the gods or without them, that is the question to each soul. Who asks? Who, if not God
whom nobody knows, as long as he hasn't revealed in one's soul.

What can the chronicler tell him or her, where this revelation has not yet happened? Answer: nothing? 

In a dream from years back the chronicler had nearly climbed up to the top of one of four  high steel-ladders, standing prone together in a square,  where right at the top of that ladder a toddler was clinging. That didn't fright him, cautiously he took the child in his arm and carefully he carried the 'wold-child' down to Earth.

27. Week 2020

in Aries
of the 'Anthropos'
which is we - unconsciously
fully fueled with
fire/water of birth

hence in the first mirror of 'Anthropos'
new energy in the unconscious of
all of us

the he -/ she - single
before association

of a new Mars year
in the fire and drive state
of life
the hunger of all that is new
the blindness of urge
for flesh and warmth

in Aries
the son of strife 
is at home
in the lower world again 
the spirit of innocence
on Earth

and not before January 2021
his  is
to  run through the wall
and give a fresh breeze

in the Taurus

association of masons (Rome)
founding town and matrimony
following the balance of
whose common goddess is
in us
still in Twins 
hence while in  dispersal
still above the parties
of town and wilderness
trying to keep her's
while in Mercury's  Twins
and so Venus in Mercury's bag is
attendant when Mercury and Sun
the divine searcher and the 
central father/mother
in us
both  are sharing the bearing 
and tending caring
similes of Cancer

by changing places
Sun foreward Mercury
 still in Cancer
lap and line in the landscape of time
and matter
where the waters of life
are dropping and rushing
in and on the earth

while Moon in us
the traveling waters of universe
all-feeling the meaning
in her light we come

this week  Moon
in the times of soul till Thursday night
since then 
in the times of spirit
till Sunday morning 
in spirit
of presence (Sagittarius) 
and presence of
then till Wednesday and longer
in the three rooms of
eternity by meaning in spirit
on his way 
to presence

And the keeper of measure, the eternal father of Anthropos,  Saturn,  will tonight reenter the house of order, Capricorn, protecting it's opposite, the house of life, Cancer, where the shell of order is protecting the sensible and soft inner life from the predators.

And father Saturn will unite with  son Jupiter and brother Pluto - in Anthropos hence in us - before next spring, while these days Pluto and Jupiter, are complete united in Saturn's  service.

Murnau , 7. 1. 2020, UTC:16:34.


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