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Lot of Intensities - Leo At the Whim of his Heart

 7. 22. - 29. A 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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The symbol is a living body, corpus et anima; hence
 the “child” is such an apt formula for the symbol.
The uniqueness of the psyche can never enter wholly 
into reality; it can only be realized approximately, 
though it still remains the absolute basis of all
 consciousness. The deeper “layers” of the psyche lose 
their individual uniqueness as they retreat farther and
 farther into darkness.“Lower down,” that is to say as 
they approach the autonomous functional systems, they 
become increasingly  collective until they are universalized 
and extinguished in the body’s materiality, i.e., in
chemical substances. The body’s carbon is simply carbon.
 Hence “at bottom” the psyche is simply “world.”

Carl Jung, On the Psychology of the Child-Archetype,  CW 9/1, § 291

... and uppermost it is  at all zodiac, behooves to me to add, cause as 'world' we use to describe, what is accessible to the senses, the spatial world. Of the four quadrants of the zodiac only one, the first one, describes the three dimensional world of spatial extension.The character-sequence of the 12 months describes yet three other quarters.

These 12  again contain the order of three circles, one above the other, twisted 

 analog to the double-helix, as threefold spiral, whose low twist contains the  material 4 elements

whose middle twist contains the interior world of feelings triggered by  the charge, images contain

and whose upper circle's one fourth (Sagittarius) dwells still in the image-quarter, but the the other three in pure spirit ...

which is accessible neither sensually nor figuratively, but only symbolically to deduce, according to the signs Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

In Aquarius  (Spirit + airappears the male human in the IV: quadrant of the  zodiac as outpourer of the water of wisdom, while the female human appears as Virgo (earth +life) in the invisible II. quadrant as the invisible inner world of hormones, blood-pressure, feelings , moods.

"The symbol is living body" says JUNG, the 'gods'/archetypes are living within us, microcosmicly and around us macrocosmicly.

All what exists is spirit mirrored in matter, is IV mirrored in I.

By human reflection consciousness is coming as addition:  III image, dream, imagination, mirrored in II, feeling. JUNG calls human reflection  'world-creating'.

30. Week 2020

What we call 'gods', is the attempt, to assume Sun and his/her 'children' as given order, to be observed by the human-planet in their rhythms and to ponder  on wise readinesses from inside, in the spirit- receiving Cancer, to accompany together with the 'gods' into  success.

And  ever at that the demons have to be kept in sight, cause their onslaught on our soul is mighty, but crucial is, to do the own thing, according to what the 'gods'/angels/archetypes are 'doing' in the depth of our  psyche. 

30. Week

four intensities:

1. a relative continuous conjunction in Capricorn' s
overarching scales

Pluto + Jupiter
= sacrifice and happy joint
on  the 'pilgrims path'

in a weak conjunction with Saturn
their  ruler of the scales

2. 1 , square between Neptune + Venus
between Pisces = devotion
and Twins = discovery
Neptune' s solution of  intentions 
with Venus ' social and personal unions

waxing till Monday
 on Venus the resonance from Pisces
resolution in quiet chaos
symbol of the divine child
= new meaning
upstreaming from the depth of the unconsciousness

2.2  square between Mars + Mercury
between Aries and Cancer  
= between action and reception
Mars pushing blindly an energy- outburst
 + Mercury discerning feelings with the
faculty of speech

3. and one waning Opposition
Saturn + Sun
 initially with Sun in Cancer
the partnership of opposites
between male spirit and female
receptive heart
now Sun is resonating in her own sign
changing from reception to expression

note: with Venus in TwinsMercury has a lot of stuff to tell, as Venus is the gathering collectoress.
While Venus herself is host to the 'toppler' Uranus,  with his spirit by connection  of man with God.

in Taurus
dealing with territory and security
Uranus the toppler is
spiritually seizing effective
 clearing the stage of time
for the coming shapes

Under this aspect the study of  the time from 1935 - 42, should be of superior interest, which 84 years before has seen the last passage of Uranus through Taurus, with all the dangers of a complete unconsciousness about the seizing moves in the depth of the collective psyche. 

finally to the center:

today, Wednesday  returned into his/her home
 stage of psychic energy and 
sovereign expression
like of a lion on his territory
'ruling' the entire realm of
terrestrial animals
at whim of his heart

Murnau, 7. 22. 2020, UTC: 16:04.

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