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34. Week in Anthropos - Birth of Father's Predator

8. 17. - 26.   2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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"We only conceive that thinking,  which is nothing
but  an equation, out of which never more results,
 than we have   inserted. That is the intellect: but 
beyond it there is a reasoning in primeval images, in 
symbols, older than man,  innate since yore and 
outliving all generations, forever alive, imbuing
 the undergrounds of our souls. Uttermost living is 
only possible in accordance with them, wisdom is
 recurrence to them. Actually it's neither about 
believe nor knowledge, but about compliance of our
 reasoning with the primeval of our unconsciousness, 
being the  inconceivable mothers of each thought, 
whichever our consciousness  is able to excogitate.
And one of these primeval images is the idea of life
beyond death."

C.G.JUNG, Die Lebenswende, 1931
 (On the Turning Point in One's Life)
p. 273.

the astrologer envisions the heavenly side of being, like the psychologist the earth-side.  He envisions the constellations of the Sun-family in the zodiac, which as oldest image-heritage is received as a 'given'. The psychologist envisions the dreams and fantasies, indicating constellations in the unconsciousness.

Both they  discern two lifes, to believed, the 'normal' and the symbolic life.

The Astrologer projects the given heavenly constellations on the 'great man' Anthropos - the zodiac - and his sister
Sophia. The former created in the morning of creation, the latter in the evening. Hence  his ascendant always is Aries' fire, while her's always is Libra's air. His attack is sharp and burning, teeth and fire, her is beauty and tempt.

34. week feminine: the encounter with the 'wild man' in the
late 'spring of the hunter'

tenth house/ sign
women's " half of heaven'
visited by Venus
 empress of herds and


for people who are gifted
for thinking
there is a load and a gift
for thinking is a kind of 
inner intensity

the 'load'
 of thinking lasts heavy 
as long as
focus is on the world

the 'gift' is called 'reflection'
focus on one self
as a world
surrounded by worlds

 in universe
 cosmic mix
in the sign of
readyness and
entry with an old heart
nine month older than
breath and vision
dealing with the story
half heart and
mirroring God's gods
unconsciously in invisible
and in time
with body and soul

kabbala and gnostics
idea of eternal beginning
en sof and sige

34. Week
in Anthropos

In the foreground 
Mars in Aries, 
 sudden leap of the predator
in square-connection 
with father -Saturn, Brother Pluto, Son Jupiter
in winterly splendor

again the image
in 'personal' appearance
incredibly swift 

reaching till silence
karmic question living 
within us  
and the 12 symbols of time
 since time immemorial
have their
honored place in the psyche of any
but not in the conscious psyche of the modern person

but the humble astrologer
 in Anthropos will find
the  button 
again and again
in the gown of 

so much for the first mirror of Anthropos

Now, what ? Mundanomaniac truly is not Anthropos, anyone is not Anthropos, so what?

But we all drink the same element, water, don' t we? And  "water has the smallest head".

meaning in Anthropos 
zodiacal man
coming from the waters 
endless streams of thoughts
around the continents
 climbing the stairs
of air (spirit)
called Aquarius'
 original crack 
of thinking in oppositions
in Anthropos

 thinking (in God )
leads the road to 
thrust and humbleness
under the given richness and poorness of heaven 
according to the fathers
and it's place 
in man's dark  heart
as God's spark
as the older knowledge of 
the perfect 

and becoming old in man's 
 by a place sufficient for the father
new start for good and evil
marking with Mars this week's explosiveness
in connection with 
fatherly side-act
of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn or
Son, Brother and Father himself
in us
in our common
 polar  realm of
Anthropos' 10. house/sign


and two of the Sun-family
in and out of us
are leaving expressionistic Leo

Mercury tomorrow
Sun on Saturday
entering Virgo
rational keeping 
Leo's account
without any resonances with others of the


now for 
Anthropos' second house

you know
was a Taurus-Sun
by heart
Hitler was a Taurus-Sun
by heart

Hannah Ahrendt:
the single has no power
 power is connection

what is with Uranus
in Anthropos' second 'power'-house
the power of abolition

 with whom can Anthropos share 
his  second house
his anthropoid thoughts
with the peasants?
with the stock-holders?
with  the mob?

with whom can Anthropos'
if not with minorities
good minorities and bad minorities

  last round of Uranus in Taurus was
between 1934 and 1942


It's Anthropos'
fourth house 
 sign of Cancer
where his Queen

goddess of balance in Anthropos and us
securing the roots 
chair of comfort

It's Anthropos ' stile to do a quiet work in the vineyard 
any day of the year.

Murnau August 19. 2020, UTC: 16:16.
Murnau, 8. 20. 2020, UTC 12:07.


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