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An Incredible Rare 'Concert' for Centuries


incredible rare

8.24. - 9. 2. 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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"All primeval  before man have been existing physically.  They were 
a nameless  occurrence, but no definite being, because there wasn't
yet , which spoke the word that minimal concentration of the also
 existing  psychic, which expressed the word, which  compensated
the entire creation: "That is the world and that am I." That was 
the first day of the world , the first Sunrise after the primeval
 darkness , when that consciousness-able complex, the son of 
darkness, the I, realizing exasperated subject from object and 
thereby helped  to provide the world and himself  to a definite 
existence, since he gave her and himself voice and name. The 
empyrean Sun-body is the I and it's field of consciousness
 "sol et ejus umbra" - outside light and inside darkness. In the 
well of the light there is enough darkness, to form there out 
projections, since the basis of the I is the darkness of the psyche."

Mysterium Coniunctionis 1.  § 125.

and the darkness in the well of light
"enough ...  to form  
projections there out "
lets become conceivable
that the original zodiac is a
projection of the creator
of all circles
planted into each creature

35. Week 

Mars the igniter
 at home in
sometimes ragged Aries
ravenously hungry

in 'resonance' with heavenly 
father Saturn
who is united with 
brother Pluto
and son Jupiter
and since midweek
also with
 Venus in Cancer
joining the resonance 
from her place
down below in the 'waters' of feeling
down where the waters unite
Mars the flame contra 
Venus the herd

and the three stages
of the four quadrants


appear in
 cardinal fire Mars
cardinal water Venus
cardinal earth: Saturn

appearing in processes
 'big concerto'
for all

state - Saturn
guarders - Pluto
reconcilers - Pluto
the mad - Mars
the herd - Venus

The alchemists way of thinking about the elements totally fit in the zodiac, while each of the four elements appears three times: as elementary = hostile, as emotional = elements united, but King and Queen, the poles, halfs,  are dealing with the fires of passion, and if that fire becomes too hot 'the queen will escape' -  opus  failed. Finally, above passion of soul, is on the second floor spirit, cooling off the heat, hence allowing to complete the opus.

The essence of the paradoxes of the zodiac is, that all 12 'essences' in different quanta are vital for the complete being.

The non-thinker hates paradoxes. Since his passion for lies. Since his battling the complement.

Truth of life is paradox, life is fire and water and air and earth, is matter(energy) and feeling and image and thought.

All that is marked at it's place in the horoscope's order of time.

So Anthropos now has to ignite, to feel and to think in one great anonymous concerto. It depends on the stage of civilization, while this incredible rare constellation will appear as a wheeler for a lot of civilized individuals to join in this quiet concert ...

when Sun 
Anthropos' heart
in Virgo
at 5,1° and 6,8° Virgo
unites on the elementary level 
with earth 
on Thursday
the highest
father + Son
 Saturn + Jupiter

and on Saturday
with fire
the child of given completeness

and Uranus the thinker in Taurus has part
in Venus' objections
against Mars' blind rage

while  androgynous Mercury
at home in his female realm
ruling Sun
 moving towards the opposition
with his complement Neptune
in his  complement realm 

is bestowed with the inconceivability
of the Tao
which as floating in the valley
of any universe
the opposite-connection
of Virgo with Pisces
of reason with paradox

and Sun
"sol et ejus umbra"
moves as consciousness
without further resonances
above the earth-world of Virgo

of the  condition 
of 'consciousness'
granting the possibility
of common beauty
in the
6th mirror

35. Week

Murnau, 8. 26. 2020, UTC: 16:45.


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