Samstag, 25. Februar 2017

The End in the Mirror of Beginning

2. 25/26. 2017

the Sun - Neptune
mirroring in 
Mars - Uranus

child's heart
mirroring in
mans birth

man is Uranus' realm
air upon water
wings and clouds

"Watching ev'ry body hide
Each behind a diffrent face

 Forever forever your lamp will burn
Forever home forever would that you'd learn
That you came with nothing
So with nothing you'll return "

Cat said it: home

Cat's is Sun in Cancer speaking for each
and everyone
"home on a kite" flying
 home blown on a breeze
without nothing

well it's Uranus -time
it's here and beyond
and powerfull
and blind and innocent
as blind as the animal in man is
and as true to it's nature

Man and rage
on a weekend

to find peace
of ire
Mars the lord of fire

in Aries hot but small 
one is enough
for the flag
and one

The idea is that the Gods love it to have men attending their mixed games called nature.

And behind them Gods something inaccassible bright - some mystics called it "ensof" something that touches you if you are empty enough to become child again mirrored in a beginning.

Murnau, 2 25. 2017 UTC 18:13.

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