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The Cosmic Man and the Light - Collecting of the Senior

Uranus - Über dem Gesetz

 interesting in this late Mars-in- Aries time
of blind attack
how many use a car for it
 ok not soo many
 together with Uranus overriding law
28. 2. 2917 UTC  15:55
89. Geburtstag von Meister Dö

Wednesday March 1. 2017

27. 2. - 6. 3. 2017
und unter den Nördlichen Königskonjunktionen
der vier Farben  und  Elemente Feuer, ErdeLuftund Wasser
aus den Jahren 160318021980 und 1305
    (Anklicken vergrößert)


3. 1. 2017
only in age  one might learn to understand water
meaning of water is
the push, lat. momentun 
setting water in rhythmical motion

water is no first mover
this is fire
and through the third element "air"
= Twins fire travels through the lightyears
 and in the second element
= Taurus
the rhythmicly floating
finds a brake

and on Earth the four elements
can unite to something
unheard of
consisting of all 4
basicly hostile elements

as nature always baking through
the stirrment of the four elements
usually there is none of them  missing
but in man's installations
there is always danger
of more or less tantalizing nature

But to find a philosophy commencing
to follow the elements piously
one has to go back into the Greek 6th century BC
to Anaximenes
who found all emerging out of air
thus breath
and St. Thomas writes of God
as the Breathing one
and of his Son also Breathing
and of their common breath
as Holy Spirit
the third person of God
in the spirit of the upper third
of all alivehere we have the mediaeval divine
of our meaningfull ancestors
in thee elements
fire earth air
in each first quadrant of time

and water is missing
and the fourth
and the female
and it's fruit
living soulThe Greek nature-philoshy culminated in Aristotele
whose formulations became enlighting push
for the alchemist labourers and philosophers of nature
and via Albertus Magnus and St. Thomas
essence of catholic  thinking

and the missing fourth
was missing in heaven in the dogma
but not in the piety of the people
of centuries
and 1950 in Rome the fourth
in shape of the bodily Maria
has been assumed
psychologicly a significant act
according to Jungand we cannot leave the imprint of our ancestors
in our unconscious psycheand not get out of the "philosophy"
of the four elements
and to better get the hang of our
unconscious truths
we inherited the perception of millennia in 12 signs
 by the human genom
in which - what else -
around a central star six planets visible
for natural eyes
and three beyond
and around the planet on the green belt
of the whole family
Moon and under Moon man's psyche
the hope of the whole family
to rise the planetary conscious I of the entire system
only man can do it

so that 10 dominant rhythms
turn their wheels in 4/4 bars
at the heaven of the days
and that still since the first day of the first cell
in which the natural rhythms were engraved
of life on earth 
and a germ of psyche on earth
has been "thought"

therefore the ignorance of these rhythms
in contemporary human consciousness
is the most barbaric unconscious legacy
in the sequel of the enlightment
having lost the spirit of the fathers
dwelling still with the fathers
in the polar realm of  
now to the moment and the current week
and to the effectives of our unconscious family
which with certain reasons
I further on call with Gods names
but knowing that their rhythms are shared with the demons
acting deforming in deformed men by steering them 
into the pit they are digging for others
and who likes is free to call them rhythm 1 - 10
changes nothing of their power 
but the soul might not be so fond of numbers 
so, where are we now?

Wednesday 10. Week

And whom the Gods are attending?

my answer is always the cosmic man
still without individual traits
below the consious I
this one

Aries = 30° Pisces                                                                                    2. 27. 2017

 cosmic man is not only the upper third "spirit"

but the entire mixture
also being explosive

and cosmic man is the rhythmical man underneath the
consciousness of each one of us

and the upper third ="air" in us is Aquarius' moving with Uranus and with him
the 'above all law'

and this "above law" is bursting out these days
while Mars passing Uranus in certain symbolic
blind attacks

and carried by impatiens = Aries are the realms in us
governed by Venus in Aries
so sudden stress rising in families

usefull for new breath taking

and in the conversation of the Gods
Mars +Uranus
Freedom yonder law

and the  Venus in Aries remaining unsettled

 and Mercury in  Pisces
experiencing the uncertainty
 of the depth for all
in consciousness

and  this is the dynamic of the week

anything else apart Moon

remains at "same" place as background

and a new human playground is offered every week

in the rhythm one shares from birth's moment

so Cancer birth-moment's lifelong share is the rhythm of the Moon and life 
to them is provided to study and conceptualize the miracles of this moody rhythm
of the Queen of the night and with Moon are traveling some of our hormons steering life in cycles or being steered

Now Moon is in Aries and the wim is underway in impatience

and now Wednesday evening Moon is with Uranus + Mars
while Sun is with Neptune

and Thursday is "the day after" and next Monday 

Mars will be already 5° beyond Uranus and 
the common drive fades out

and the rest of the week Moon will share the 

incomodations of Venus' unsettled childrenand on weekend the uncertainties of Mercury
in the depths of meaning
and the heart keeps on together with Sun to move through 

the time slags of passion at the bottom of the alloverfloating
Goodness of God's well-constructed-childs

And Saturn receiving by the fire-element the whole week

a baptism of light by the fire-Venus of 1603
at the side of the fire– Sun of 1603
for the further four hundred years

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