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Stress for Venusians? Saturn at the Heart of Fire

2.  13. - 20. 2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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  2. 15. 2017

As for the astrology, my friend Gottfried……'s………
sarcasm remains valid, saying: 
"The entrance has two doors with a marker
on each: to the left: "To Astrology",  to the 
right: "To the lectures about Astrology"

Bridges beyond
C.G.Jung speaks of a unconscious "seelische Grundschicht" a "basic layer of the soul"
miracle born  out of water
fourth element
one step beyond the basic 3
fire earth and air

water is Cancer
the intimate Ocean
with it's drylands
softening skins
in love

C.G.Jung talks about an unconscious basic layer of the soul and discerns soul as being born into time out of the "Kollektives Unbewusstes" collective unconsciousness, in this cronocle sometimes called "the dough" = psyche mirrored by matter. Soul is psyche after being born in man = the miracle complete hence unconscious.

In this basic layer all man's preparednesses  to react are precoded as heir of unnumbered Generations.  
Around each and all living in times since the binning on Earth were circling Sun Moon and planets
and their  rhythms offered to the God /Evolution/aso.  10 Rhythms to encode all parts of
 universal being in the 12.


Now what is to happen this week
different to the last one?
below the conciousness of the uttermost
to happen to us
the dough of us under the northern skyso here wo go - half of the earth
yet without a personal standpoint
on mundo's height 
below consciousness or

to whom it may concern
Jupiter hiking through a sign in a year 
on shugar cubes the write: big luck
now 23° Libra
mirrored by 7° Virgo

 at this mirror-point there might be  so to speak
the docking-place for unconscious identity with luck
and with each point we have strcture ordered by 
crosses  rhythmical ones

standing "chladnic" wave of sand
on a vibrating steelplate

hence with Jupiter's 23° Libra
is swinging on 23° Aries - the opposite - partner
together with the two "side-arms" -squares
at 23 ° Cancer and 23° Capricorn

and in the mirror
as the carriers appearing
7°Virgo 7° Pisces
7° Twins and 7° Sagittarius

all these have been participating in the good
coincidence  under the northern sky
and as Jupiter is about to bcome 'retrograde'
( as earth is passing Jupiter on the course around Sun)
now this week  leaving the 23° for a long journey
about 10° back till June then catching again the lost 10 degrees
till beginning September

and still this week Saturn the polar
end of movement
father of the tall carrier 
on the way to the cross
now  at Sun in the middle of the element fire in our
unconscious Aeon

26° Sagittarius
Sun of the fire - element
= brightest place
in zodiac since 1603
and right at his side at 28° Sagittarius
Venus of the fire 
heavy and early
in the beginning
under our consciousness with access
via drive and idea
into time
secrets of the morning
 riping in the bud of the day
to come into time
after noon

now back to week and zodiac
in Capricorn
salvaged in the bud-quarter of man 
Pluto, the keeper of the 
connection to beyond
in the mirror of the Twins oratory
appointed to be broker between the parties od earth and fire is
Mercury their dealer and pathfinder
like heart = Sun in the middle
 of Aquarius in the bud -Quarter

and unmovable far-circling the cosmic child with it's 14-years-rides
in each sign of the Neptune ring
now in Pisces

underneath in the mirror

Aries true and blind the drive
Venus weight and load
Mars knight's beginning
and Uranus the upper man
invisible to himself

  invisible Angel to itself called man's spirit in the blind
irate man
 well that is fascinating the Aries in us
who uses to feel suffocating in close rooms
brth-trauma of everyone more or less having arived on the natural way
and in still increasing 'mass' the resonance - 'wave' is growing
between beginning Mars and spirit  Uranus in Aries
feeding in the resonances of Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Libra

so in
  23° Aries = peak
in resonance with non-temporal faith of the soul
Pluto in Capricorn
and wide conciliatory travelling with Jupiter in pairing Libra

right? Jupiter Pluto Uranus in Resonance is what we had all these last weeks 
now in this week Uranus gets the increasing wave with the invasive Mars

more intensive like first pro birth  labour
with overnext Sunday around midnight
where expulsion into appearence is due
at 22° Aries
birth of man - since 2010 - 
in the second last year

so much for what is young what spring in the great unknown man
sprouts to a lot are breaking open unrooted still
like in migration period

apart from that nothing changes in the conditions and preparednesses
and is mirroring earthly what the heavenly is moving upon the horizon of the upper man while  Venus apparently is continually slowing down and Venusians have to be prepared to prolong their  awkward stay in the singularity of Aries as  becoming 'retrograde' while moving between Sun and Earth till April and even for 4 weeks back in Pisces
In June then eventually in the  familiar company and the fat meadows of Taurus
Stress until then for Venusians? Finally Moon and the banality of the intimate

 till Thursday afternoon under the balance of the two  scales
of two souls in Libra
then till Saturday evening in the rigor of the soul
Moon in Scorpio

easier the since Saturday evening above the circles
of Sagittarius
and since Tuesday Moon again
under the stern rule of

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