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Cosmic Man's Outburst

2.  13. - 20. 2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
 of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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 2. 22. 2017

We cannot , but being impregnated by our ancestors
which liked to look at things in  a certain way,
hence we own instinctively certain aspects.
I would be neurotic, if I saw things different from
 what my instinct prompts me  to 
do; my serpent would turn against me, 
like the primitives use to say.

what will be the earthly/cosmic man's experience  
with his inner voice and his instincts this week
before the initiation on coming weekend?

above in the cosmic everyday
Sun and Neptune
in Pisces

and in the mirror of the horizon


below with the instincts

Venus + Mars + Uranus

In Aries

Mars in his own realm
will be in coniunction with Uranus 
coming Weekend
that's something like the ouburst
of the "cosmic man"
of the invisible quality of air
 invisible therefore diaphanous
Uranus = the genius of diaphanousity
for the inner voice 
as Ouranos = heaven
in the ancient myth of Hesiod
father of the Titans with their brazen circles
above mother Gaia
Greatgrandfather of 
spouse of Ariadne and
God of exstacy

Mars the raging ire + Uranus in 'winged'conjuction
in resonance with Pluto and Jupiter
this ist the swinging node 
we are approaching to

as it is the  pure subconscious nature of their decisive rhythms
no one counts on them consciously
neither the good nor the evil in action
but the instinct of both of them
 is following the unconscious trend and this is what it means:
rhythmicly changing quality of time

Now lookeing the week in a different way:
What does change this week?
apart from the incension
given above?

Mercury spins his heavenly 'winged' thread to an end
in the second mirror and starts
a maririme one in the first mirror
at weekend

Sun radiating center and heart of the year
now in the cosmic lap
above the primordinal soup
called prima materia by the alchemists

 those researchers
deemed to have to start
by cooking  the substances
rightly I deem
cause all inception is hot and red
in the first quadrant
Alchemists of the second quadrant
might cooke their quantum weekly in the 
familiar kitchen

the four quadrants of the zodiac

now look at the mirror of horizon of the zodiac:
Pisces Sun on the way to Neptune
to unite in the 'heart of the cosmic child'
next Wednesday  

but before on weekend Sun is in the mirror with
Mars/Uranus in Aries

mirrored in

Spirit of man  Uranus
in real red world Aries
aroused by Mars' outbreak
coming Saturday/Monday

'As if', as the saying goes 
and doubts prevail
 but this is nothing about belief
but about astronomical facts
to which symbolic entities
- animals men tools - are equivalent
heritage from the beginning of civilisation
older than writing

Now fire and air
Mars and Uranus
flash and thinking in visibility
beginning in diaphanousityin the upper of the unconscious layers
of the elements hence
February 2017. 26/27 .
 day of man rising

and then however the long lingering of Saturn
at the brightest place in the zodiac 
seen with the eyes of our aeon
26 - 28° Sagittarius 
Sun and Venus of the fire-elememnt
visited by Saturn the cosmic father
heart and center of energy
Sun = Soulcenter
Venus  rooting
agglutinatingtor of body and souls


And now finally Moon and according to 
 Cancer = the lap
on the inner slimy ways
Calm is the place  Moon is sailing under
till Thursday afternoon
calm and high and dominant resting

yet Thursday evening Moon
= the true feeling
in Aquarius" under alien stars"
Russian un Bavaria
Bavarian in NYon Sunday Moon the with the invisible relatives
since 1603
in the upper floor
green Mars since 1305
and Earth-Moon
beginning Pisces 
and Sunday noon Moon with earth's Pluto's
sacrifices in us at 6,8° Pisces
in opposite-partnership with 6,8° Virgo
 fire's Neptune
the red child of fire
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