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Venus-Mercury-Uranus - Resonance in the Bag of Mars

  5. 1. - 8. 2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
 of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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Before my reconstruktion  hasn't been
in my conscious mind that a time is
 in synchronicity with a meaning
 one of 12 possible ones.

5. 3. 2017

18. Week in this year

how ever each one of us might be clocked
for all of us living under the northern Sky
Sun = 0° Aries = beginn of Summer half year
Aries on earth = 30° Pisces in heaven
whatever kind of meaning:
its a mirror

Aries = 29° Pisces

Beginn of the green world
let go of the grey-white
now this first of six mirrors
is the birthplace
of all following fife

'first' noted in the creation
told by Mose'
light and night

and this Week
again 5 of 12 signs are governed
by this bloody brightness of birth
called Aries

Venus in rule of Taurus und Libra
Mercury in rule of Twins and Virgo
ruling out of Aries 
together with Uranus
at the beginning of  the last
of his seven years in Aries -

so all this Venus-Mercury-Uranus resonance
is in the bag of Mars this May
maybe ire moving on the roads of
maybe angry pilots
Truckers should notice that and do a
humble kind of trip with
good trucker's angels o'er the road
Sun this week is good for an
evening or two
whith hearts grazing
firstly on Thursdy secondly on Sunday
this thursday noon Sun the center
will unite with a spark
of a fiery neighborship
namely of red - fire - Uranus  since 1603
fire - the first - quarter- element - of beginning's
God of fire-man' originating and beginning
Taurus 14,2° on Thursday in the mirror  of 15,8° Aquarius

and on Sunday Sun the center will be in unisono with Mars
of the earth -element  since 1802

And by following the red dappled lines one realizes
the majestic rule of the "starter-element" fire
= Aries =Leo = Sagittarius
on the week
unconsciously connecting with ancestors since 1603


the 'godly man'
the ancestors - in the Himalaya
even in recent times -
 looked for the unknown
'him' in the people

 in this diary the Aquarius place and the Uranus ways
are seen in synchronicity with their mirror-places
in Taurus and their Venus-ways

back to 18th week
all of the spring-rulers
are in the spring - of - life -
reptilian quarter of man
called spring-quarter

again Sun in Taurus
calling the ready hearts
into life in which the redyness for 
grounding and founding
is waiting for birth

 and like a far echo this weeks union of
Uranus and Merkury in unisono with
Pluto and Jupiter
should be tight stuff for the demons 
while the Twins got a lot of triggers
to oil
till second week of June
mirroring Pluto in Capricorn asking for a waiver
on a humble road


finally  let's have e look at Moon

the other big light
and companion of mortal life

Moon never confounds herself with Sun

and it's o.k-for her

to have him on top

C.G.Jung, Psychologie und Alchemie 

Sun: O Moon by my surrounding you and
sweet love/ you become fair/ strong /and
tremendous as I am.

Moon: O Sun/ you are to realize above all 
lights/yet you're in need of mine as the
cock of the hens.

But we - living or should live in a number of lifes - one at the market
one at the breast of the loved one one in the dream
and one in the garden of the world

and Moon gathers like a female lap the streams of resonance

and in them
 the son of the father
finds his lap
in the fourth mirror of man

and his monthly course Moon starts at the deepest well
were the waters are welling and no one is messing around
with the ground  as water is heavy crystaline and smoth

till Thursday Moon's Place above Leo's is 

doubtless in the shadow on earth

and Thursday noon the brain might be irritated

some times by Moon = feeling surrouneded
by reason

lasting till Saturday evening when Moon's ruler

changes from reason to beauty

finally Tuesday morning Scorpio askes Moon
for the due waiver

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