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Venus in Resonance with Saturn - Kingdoms and Constitutions Moving their Grades

4. 3. - 10.  2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
  of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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The science of astrology is given
to anybody practicing it.
Hence it is not to find in any book
but only by the performing of

3. 5. 2017

Venus  on her way back
in Pisces again
again in anonymity like in a cloud
same goes to her regna
Taurus and Libra
and their guests
and together with this the week 
will offer an increasing resonance with Saturn
and his wisdom of winter oldness an end
incorporated in the "father"
= Saturn living as one of the dominant traits
= archetypes in us underneath our conscious ralization
they are powerfull agents in the realm of psyche
- and like Jung and Pauli agreed on -
also in the realm of physis
both they added to causality

so aka synchronicity:

the assumption of synchronicity of psyche and archetype in
given moments
gives the bridge to the human assumer via
the meaningfullest rhythms
in our Sun/Planet/Family
in which every child on Planet Earth
is conceived 
and which is fit to grow in it's given homeland

so, back to presence
increasing resonance between
Venus and
 Saturn in the brightest light in the zodiac
and both will be in mor and more comon common
 swing till Sunday and then
the entire  following week
and it's centers are about 27° Sagittarius
and 27° Pisces

and the connection of Saturn and Venus
Gods archetypes
gives kingdoms and constitutions
underneath our conscious perception

and the angels and the demons 
archetypal powers in our collective psyche
are moved by God's Gods
 hence this diary
while looking at the demons as a bad smelling
kind of loosers
not to waste time with
so this diary follows the path's of doing it with the Gods 
with the heart aka Sun gladly ruling
in need of nothing
while watching the rhythms of the
so Venus 
and her herds and couples
 in resonance with the finest end
of all rotation at the pol
aka Saturn
this week and the next 
in common swing backwards 
through the depths and the heights
in creation

And Sun
in the wild land of Aries
heart  of the hunter
in increaing and since Friday 
in complete resonance
with Jupiter and Pluto
and from afar still Uranus
and Sun is giving the spring- tenor

 and Mars the igniter went from Sunday to Monday
over Mars the igniter of the earth-element on 16,9° Taurus
each 1.6 years a doubble trigger at this place
and since Sunday midnight Venus takes Taurus again into anonymity
of Pisces
14,1° Taurus via 16,9° Taurus to 18,9° Scorpio (+ oppositions and squares) are grades in the zodiac stacked with fate, they host fire-Uranus, earth-Mars and earth- Neptune since 1603 (fire) and 1802 (earth) and for the next couple of centuries as fate-places of synchronicities
with the angels or the demons.

and Mercury is enlarging his little visit in Taurus
for three weeks  
while hereafter returning into the wild lands of Aries
until the middle of May 
after all - time until April 21.
for Mercury to have an open ear
to the lies of Venus' children
of the metropoles

and finally
Sun on Thursday/Fridy is moving
through the mirro-point with Neptune
the heart of the original hunter
in the mirror of the heavenly child
finally finally
where do all ways converge?
at the female orifices
between table and bed
of re- creation
to Moon hence
and his more shady world with
its vivid rims
and it's inner and outer streaming
rallying in the laps of the countries
ready to nurture the traffic of the neighbors
and the quiet nightly gliding  barges of the lovers
till Tuesday night on the water-arms of Cancer

brighter days for the matters of going through
  an be it the game with Moon in Leo
till Friday noon
the rest of the week till Sunday noon
is given to Moon's "stop" at Virgo
who might attest him on these two days  this and that
feelfull awkwardness

Sunday evening then Moon
belongs already to Libra-Venus on her way back
into the cleaning depths of Pisces
where the times - coming
not yet have reached the surface

2017 14. Week 

Murnau, 3. 4. 2017 UTC 14:41 
In English 4. 4. 2017,  UTC 21:37.

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