Donnerstag, 20. April 2017

Mundo's Rant

and ioan, are you
in a silent chamber?
I need your breath
in this rational only
Denis always comes with a di-chotomy
white and black
war and love
sex and religion
and he is right in the detail
and wrong in the whole
but his horizon is to be widened
in God’s heavenly circles
according to Mose
there are six days of God’s calls
and 6 days of nature’s answers
hence six mirrors between heaven and earth

and the seventh day is for celebration
with God for the horizon
of the week

2017 17th week

taking the heritage of our oldest fathers
in the zodiac of God’s heaven
together we are sheltered in
the 12 varities of each of the 12 signs
in 12 “houses” of heaven and earth
each placed on its place around
the daily horizon
and this should not be in accordance
with God from his first call for light?

heaven mirrored by spinning earth
and the zodiac as key to God’s
West-Eurasian civilisation’s unconscious
spiritual crystal of order
"Gods" in the depth and in heaven above
ruling our archytypal triggers from
beneath and above the horizon?

in the rhythms of the family of our star
Denis your love army is a life-boat
of imagination I love it
but it’s boring a paper tiger
of disbelief who teached you that
you can conceive God in a
rational bi-polar formula brother
I embrace you and your genius
for now
my thoughtfull

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