Sonntag, 16. April 2017

Charlies Day and Adolf's Week

4. 17. - 24.  2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
 of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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It's the consciousness of 
what we are doing?
 Following the innocent 
Question God prepares
 the answer.

 16. 4. 2017To somebody the current Mars is meeting with a personal God or archetype

it’s the ability to be born crying and hungry

not something to eat

but something to feed

in a parenthood nobody conceives consciously

so go on Mars this entire Week between late Taurus and early Twins

and somebody might be born just 1942 or 1992 or sometimes

it’s the carrousel of fate stirring in our families the rulers

and with mundanomaniac e.g. it’s  Uranus meeting Mars in the now

and mm knows from Jung

not to become identical with an God or archetype

but to withstand together with the self

but admiring full heartedly the beautiful order of

each a god deep underneath and high above

the horizon of consciousness

in the unconscious median intermingling of  soul

in man

so help us Uranus into another birth

and it’s ringing at the door

and someone asked for a cheap answer

on two questions

and someone finally sais  sorry but I have no such thing

cheap answers

in the time where Mars is in the invisible command

of  Venus in Pisces

beginning the week in

completing the loop back into last washing- round

second last week ins Pisces

and the second half of this week will find

Mercury again in the command of Mars

but this time Mars in the command of Mercury

something like an echo-chamber for a time till

middle May

and the species unconsciously

as it is not asked for

following the invisible traits

of the archetypes / Gods

like we do

and another full Martian week of Sun

and heart

looming till Wednesday to switch then

 from before red to

now Sun and heart going green

about cloth and mirror of heaven

sometimes meaning tries like

cheap image

being rejected by word

and weakness

meaning has to be born in time

by the son with the father in heart

UTC 16:10

and the rest of the landscape in the names

 of the other members of the divine / archetypal


keeping like repeatedly told

and earth within them

in relative equidistance outwards

like within us

rooms to (o)live within in the coming

Centuries for our species

waiting for life entering

each week’s mystery

marveled by conscious members

of the species

so never miss the  miracle of

reconciliation sacrifice and origin

and a watcher of the chart above might notice that in our

deep unknown knowledge are with Uranus now

and Sun last week

red and blue fire- and air-Gods of sacrifice

on the 800-years-level of the four elements

red and blue Pluto

resonating with a goddess of creation

by reception- Sun in Cancer in the

colors of earth

While actual Sun is leaving this aspect

Mercury next week will enter it

in full  retreat …

time for Moon

the alternative Light of the night

receiving Sun bound to rest

and giving light to all essences

of the 12 signs being not associated

with the daylight

this new week beginning with Moon

in  Capricorn

watching the preparing of a sober

period in the dreamers days

beginning on Wednesday noon Moon

will watch the ascending of Aquarius

an idea of a beginning

and on Friday evening Moon again

dives into the forewaters of the unborn


Sunday 4. 16. 2017 in Murnau UTC 17:08

Postet UTC 17:45.

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