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Sun and Jupiter - Heartily Glad Together in Strife

5. 4. - 11. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air und Water
from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 und 1305
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  5. 4. 2015

Signs and times - where are we?

the scramble of the gods in the signs of the spatial world
when greengod celebrates his triumphs - he being mixed
of blue and yellow
 when now but not every springtime Mars is rummaging
in the earth like now and in it's creatures

where Mercury

- now at home at himself in the Twins -
in one week  wandering twice
through - and thereby with -
resonances of living deity
today (Monday) still strongly
with Saturns
paternal spirit
polar but decongestant
and underneath swelling
towards Sunday Neptune
soaked with child spirit

Venus however approaches the exit
of the world with its distinctions
Venus and her flocks and stages
is going to leave world and ways
at the entrance into Cancer on Thursday evening
and sink itself into the lap of life

into the caverns of bridal mucous membranes
salvaging the holy secrets

but Sun

heart and center of the day
touches two places of fortune
this week

today (monday) united in Taurus
at 14,1° with Uranus of the fire aeon
relieving inflammation of energy 
elementary humility

and on Thursday the  light of
of the earth aeon of 1803
at 16,9° Taurus is awaiting
the unification with Sun
and her radiations into life world

the particular miracle is ready to be happening

cause Jupiter this week is "tuned" to 
brother Sun 
tuned to reconciliation of opposites
thrift and squander
of hearts

all  this is contrived by the
gods of nature  this spring
with the help of Jupiter
the knoter of forms

the gods of Spirit albeit
altogether keep their positions in the background
before time
with Pluto the emissary of the temporal world
with Uranus like used to
in chains and circles
and Neptune at the hidden root

and Saturn's gravity and foresight
appears in the knots of the son
of fore-ordinations of times
which are together with Sun just
spellbinding the hearts
and with Moon

into the shadow realms of this week of memento
dreams start traveling in the sign of Scorpio's
fields of souls
Wednesday then
far families are traveled to in Sagittarius
to knot souls
fortuities and marvels in unification

since Thursday then till into Saturday night
healing torpor
in the polar regions of spirit till since Sunday morning the
bird-world of spirit in and out of
 human kind
takes shape in the dream

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