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Awsome Mixture in Capricorn

1 . 7 - 16 . 2019,  0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 FireEarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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"The starry vault is indeed the opened book of the 
cosmic projection, the reflection of the mythologems,
simply the archetypes. In this  view Astrology and 
Alchemy, the two ancient representatives of psychology,
reach their hands." 
C.G.Jung, Theoretische Überlegungen zum Wesen 
des Psychischen, Coll. W. 8, § 392.

"The archetypus namely - never to forget - is a 
psychic organ, to befound with everyone. A bad 
explanation  means a respective bad attitude to this 
organ. by which this is damaged. The final sufferer 
is the  bad interpreter. The "explanation" thus always
should be that way, that the functional meaning of the
 archetypus ramains preserved, id est that a sufficient
and sense-appropriate connection of the consciousness
 with the archetypus  is guaranteed. This one namely is a
 structural element and hence a vitally necessary 
constituent of the psychic household. It represents or
 personifies certain instinctive givens of the primitive
dark psyche, the actual but invisible roots of the
C.G.Jung, On the Psychology of the Child Archetype
Coll.. W.  9/1, § 271

(my translation)

Jung held, that 'archetype' or 'god' are not to differentiate. 

 To me it seems the soul says  'god' and the intellect says 'archetype', hence the expression 'god' is the older one, cause intellect is a young child of Mercury in his nearness to the Sun.

2. Week

The first of two weeks
where four of our gods 
are subordinated to Capricorn
according to Saturn
just at home in his sign

The basic of psychology is the recognition that with dreams and ideas, we are matter and images, occuring in matter .

Basis of astrology to me is time and time is travelling light., the  golden male Sun of the bright day 

and  silvery Moon female light of the night allowing also the other members of the game of time to be seen

in the real clock of our star for billions of years already

so this clockwork is what my chronicle is about, describing, what is above and is mirrored within us  unconscious, psychophysis .according to one's birth in time.

 The chronicle tells the challenges of the 'greater man' Anthropos, Jungish: the colloctive 'Self'. 

Back to Saturn with his divine Guests
Saturn's realm is the pole
 his is to abstain any move
hence everyone winns a center to circle around
where a Capricorn/Saturn is brought into life
mountains are poles 
all that is Capricorn as a condition
and Saturn as a dynamis.
like a mountain-height and  a branch cutting gardener

our collective I-self
centrality and sovereignty
in Capricorn is the fatherly 
the thoughtfull Sun/heart
whose wisdom is given by age

as number ten he is
incorporated in the collective man
of the alternating hemispheres
of our planet
as cardiovascular center
in each of us
and realm of the Sun

Gods in the first, third and fourth mirror
in the center at noon position
of our colletive we self


on Friday Sun and Pluto walk together
hence heart and loyalty
and on Sunday
Mercury and Saturn
hence sensation and diligence

are funding their essence into the mixture

and since Saturday
two elements are adding their input
to Mercury
air = thinking
water = feeling

so the mixture of two Suns
three Mercuries and one Saturn
is ready for the carousel

Mercury is connected with
 the beginner Mars
in the first house of matter
whose scenting blindness of beginning
has to find the bond
with the wisdom
of the end
by blood and ache

The son of Saturn
like the father in his sign
so the son in his sign
in square-Resonance
with the childgod Neptune
weaving the carpet
of clearness and goodness


and Venus
ruling gravity, mass and balance
now in the condition of fitting coincidence
in Sagittarius
by leaving the non-fitting condition
on Saturday and Tuesday
unites with Mercury- fire's birthday of our 
and on Tuesday receives Venus the blessing
of fire's Saturn/Jupiter

as fire is the swiftest of the four elements
fire - birthdays are signifying the blessing of earlyness


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