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Mysterium of the Three Suns, Kin-Balance and Waxing Mercurial Blindness

12. 31. 2018 - 1 . 9 . 2019,  0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 FireEarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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"The wonderful nutrition with the own substance,
which corresponds to the model of Christ oddly 
enough, means nothing less as the 
integration of those parts of the personality, which 
had  as yet to remain outside of the I-consciousness.
Lion and Peacock, the images of cocupiscentia 
(cupidity) and the superbia (pride),  indicate the
arrogant  claim of the human shadow, which one  so
much likes, to project on the fellow human, to wreak 
one's own sins at him with apparent   entitlement."

C.G. Jung, Mysterium Coniunctionis Vol. II,   § 177.

My reading-attempts can't desribe, what will be, but what is invoked. What else can the zodiac with it's 12 sites and 10 actors  signify, than the reminder for the I-consciousness, that the Self as the unification of all opposites (Jung), will comprise and unfold the 3 times 4 elements as spirit, soul and matter.The shadow of one's own light, of  one's own relative blindness,  allowes  the fellow human to  shine his light, hence it has to be consciously accepted as a given.

1. Week 2019


the impuls  of the beginner has
completed on Tuesday
the pilgrims path
through Pisces

and is now
red bloody and tender
new born
 blind fighter
 sudden stiches
of  hunger and ire

and in the beginner's pack bag
is human - god 

and for them and the innocence
of hunger and wrath
Mars with Uranus
has started in Aries
a new Spring



innate dynamic of
collecting and balancing 
in all of us
is in the Fall of the year
in Scorpio

paying the tribute
to each one's kin
and it's retention
by feeding the old and the young

while today Wednesday
Venus unites with the green Venus

of the water Element = feeling  at 25,2 Scorpio = water -Venus' birthday since 1305.

green Venus
  still waiting for the congregation of the souls of 
one's kin
to unite in due waiver

later on Sunday Venus will unite
with blue man-god Uranus
of the air-element = thinking
a pastorate powwow
of free human thinkers
in the crystals of the form
 of soul in man

(underneath the consciousness of northern hemisphere individuals)



the god = dynamic
of  discerning talkability
ruling the sites of Twins and Virgo
as world and soul by
exploring and articulating them
in Sagittarius' brightest conciliatory

and this is now the brightest week a year
of Mercury
as he unites with Sun of the fire = shining
right now
and the Venus of the fire tomorrow

in their permanent birthday for 800 years
since 1603

now what is  invoked ?

Sun + Sun + Venus
in the element of earlyness

two times heart
+ one time kin

the invoke of the fire  = earlyness in the
reconciliating realm of
26 + 27° Sagittarius

the more critical councel of the
now outshined by heart and harmony
of the early element

and the paradox of   Mars in
sqaure with Mercury adds some
waxing innocent blind impulses
to Mercury



after all the central drama of the week's

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

The union 
of  Sun
with blue Sun of air
green Sun of water


heart + thinking heart
heart + feelig heart
and together with
 blue and green Mercury

all this on the high ground of Capricorn
retainig the collective measures
in the symbolic gestalt
of the fatherly King

and now today
this morning the perfect union
Sun + Saturn

heart of the  father
in the power of strength
care and providence
for the due confinements
facing  poor times to come

Sun and Saturn, their meetings each year happen within Saturn's cycle around Sun of barely 30 years. Their meeting in Capricorn lasts scant 2,5 years. Their meeting at the site of the two Suns is extremly rare.  Most recently it occured 88 years before in 1930.


to stay with the simile of  the deficits in our lifes
which our dreams use to invoke
while gliding over them

with the dynamic of Cancer's
reception and transport
of balancing images
on the inner rivers

Wednesday Moon enters Sagittarius
till late Friday
dreaming of long  journeys
which in daylight might carry us
to where we belong

then over the weekend  dreaming under Capricorn
dreamings of diszipline
in high grounds

followed by Aquarius 
since Sunday evening
freely till Wednesday
learning to fly 

Murnau, 31. 12. 2018, UTC 15:46. In English: 1. 2. 2019, UTC: 17:22,
corrected UTC 17:39.


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