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Mercury and Neptun Clocked Together - Enjoyment and Humane Fortune in Inner Space

6. 22. - 29. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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  6. 22. 2015, UTC 12:20, Murnau

Still close to each other
Sun and Mars
Mars blusters at the same time

still until Wednesday 
through the external space
where Sun yet warms the inner space
But then from Wednesday on 

the short silent time
in the lap of feelings is over
as the time beginning is the 
stormy time of the intimate
and commencing are the intimate weeks
of the raging one

Sun in Cancer

heart and lap united
Mars in Cancer
ire and lap united

changeable like the Moon

through the months

Moon and the internal rivers

of the body and the psyche
this week

covering the space from Virgo
to Scorpio
from prudence of reason
across the devotion to beauty
pending finally
accomplished loyalty
our sublunary way of conversion this week
between Virgo and Scorpio
as a quasi unconscious collective weather 
 we share with all sublunary beings

while Venus in tempting approach
at Jupiter 

with whose light she unifies hers
at commencement of July

enjoyment and humane fortune
in rare bright confluence
solitary cross in the zodiac

in a quasi string of showers
moving over the second half of the signs
of  the middle bar in zodiac
as resonating gush of Venus- and Jupiter-light

cause the zodiac is a three-stroker

through the four quadrants
of the universe

Not solitarily together like Venus-Jupiter
but in common resonance
are by Neptune and Mercury
the Pisces and the Twins

the divine child "man"

and the wit of reason
dwelling in the sublunaries
dancing the common rythm
not less than earth-spirit embracing
the childish ocean 
these two weeks

and Saturn and with him the images

of the extra temporal father
in time
end of Scorpio
solitary in visit of the 
of the aeon air at  Scorpio28,4°
the nearness to God of 
mans planet
to whom the remembrance of those
who are waiting in the beyond
bestows wings
everything else remains

attenuated like it was

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