Montag, 15. November 2010

Faithfulness and miracles

15. - 22.  11.  2010
under the northern zodiac
and under the northern Kings Conjunctions
of the four elements Fire, Earth, Air und Water
from the years 1603, 1802, 1980 und 1305

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10/14/1906, Hannah Arendt

The second miracle in my conscious life to remember fondly and moving me just to honor it  ...
... my teacher Hermann Schwarz.

He studies with  his pupil the significant and keeps loyality to it. This week he will becoming 91 years old. In silence and poetry he opens wells (sources).

Dedicated to him are the following lines from Hannah Arendt's Thought Diary.

    Hannah Arendt, Thought Diary, p. 38


   Loyalty (german:Treue) >> true <<: true and faithful. As if that, which you can not keep the faith, was never true. Therefore, the great crime of infidelity if it is not as it where innocent infidelity; one murders what has been true abrogates  that which you yourself have brought into the world,  actual destruction, because we in the faith and only in it are masters of our past.Its stock is up to us. As it depends on us, if truth is in the world or not. If it is not the way the truth and the truth-was being-there would, loyalty stubbornness, if not loyalty exist, would be the truth without portfolio, entirely unreal.

    Precisely because of the relationship between loyalty and truth, it is, from the concept of loyalty all the stubbornness, the stiffening has to be eliminated . The paradox of loyalty is jealousy. Their opposition is not the infidelity in the ordinary sense - it is rather in the continuing vitality of life and mapped out - but only to forget. The only real sin, because truth was obliterating truth. The kind of loyalty, that contrast is infidelity, the perversion that tries to eliminate the vibrancy of the world. Fossilization, and their consequence is jealousy, that is just anger that life goes on elsewhere and in another life.

Hannah Arendt takes up to me on the first miracle which was female, a teacher.
Ilse Blumendorf, ravishing something - we guessed yet nothing of the Sphinx women: mother, lover, sister, companion, guide - all indistinguishable then poured together in a warm, living adult, a mysterious voice, and sparkling dark eyes shining: Passionate teacher for twelve year old boys . Attracted the adolescent primary school children to the library and the gates of science.

This miracle -  teacher - to remember today my lovely quote from Hannah Arend gave me significant occasion on the 21. Day in the month of fidelity.

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