Montag, 17. November 2014

Heart and Head anew United - Venus Shattered from the Inner

  17. - 24. 2014
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air und Water
from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 und 1305
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 Murnau Buoy

Heavenly Water Levels
from Monday to Monday

(the most important)
  17. 10. 2014
and thereupon based on

Chronicle of Signs and Times
as Heaven in Earth and Earth in Heaven Mirroring Constellations of the Wandering Lights Over the Northern Hemisphere
Motivation  to perceive
school of observation
of  the 
astropoetically inclusions of he week
for own musing
 about the similes
 of the heavenly given above the
earth in the

  11. 17. 2014

Sun heart axis
the realm of the middle

Saturn head roof
the realm of the father

anniversary of the unification
of whose being logical mutually exclusive

11. 18. 2014

Sun afterwards on visit with two elementary powers

with Venus of the water
the watercity the watercastle
undrying  pure arrased

with Urnus of the air

spiritual window
of God into the psyche
both visits to be shared with the dead
and those having not yet arrived in life
here in Scorpio

and with the holy unifying spirit which not is wise
Venus shares her light in a fire-week
with thre faces of fire in it's aeon

and this appearance of Venus with Mercury Saturn and Jupiter
of the fire-conjunction
nourishes in the element of the beginning (fire)
father son and messenger
and simultaneously
she is shattered
the goddess of cities and stages
by the square with Neptune
by the rhythm of Neptune out of the depth
invading out of the inner
of everyman and everywoman
the entire week  long
into the outer radiating essence
of the city of the fire-signs
with Fire- Mercury the messenger of the fire-aeon
on Thursday

and with Fire-Saturn the father of the fire-aeon
in the wisdom of restraint
as well as with his son  expanding
into the mortal time
on Sunday

but actual Mercury still deep in avowal
to the dead and those having not yet arrived
unites his messenger- light
with the sophia of the element earth
those childlike wisdom of the earth-aeon
being stashed on 18,9° Scorpio in the purity of the earth
untill 2577

and in Capricorn the realm of the father
being the realm of the names
is resounding with the resonance of tamed rage
in the last week 
tamed between Pluto and Uranus
and their volunteers

in the no-man's-land
of the world and in Novorossia
the "large offensive" failed to materialize
and when the "magus"alas 
didn't stayfor the poisened supper

that the black smooth tongue 
would have  departed prematurely 
this is not noted
and nothing of new selfies

and the shining brillancy of jupiter
in the land of the middle
remains interlaced
with the sobriety of the north
like the square between Saturn and Jupiter indicates

and the smaller light of the night illuminates
the dreamboat of the sleeping conciousness on it's journeys
beyond time -

on Monday yet in the self-critical Virgo

but already in the evening and then until Thursday
in the dialogs of Venus on the stages of encounter

and Friday until deep into Saturday
 Pluto will hold the scepter above the dreams on the northern hemishere
in the diputatious union with Uranus
till since evening ahead of Sunday
dreams of the archetypal accidetal union 
start to illuminate the inner night

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