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Mars this Week in Cleaning-up Operations

1. 19. - 26. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air und Water
from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 und 1305
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 Murnau Buoy

Heavenly Water Levels
from Monday to Monday

(the most important)

1. 19. 2015
and thereupon based on

Chronicle of Signs and Times
as Heaven in Earth and Earth in Heaven Mirroring Constellations of the Wandering Lights Over the Northern Hemisphere

Motivation  to perceive
school of observation
of  the 
astropoetic inclusions of he week
for own musing
 about the similes
 of the heavenly given above the earth

in the sun-planet-family

Americans put the month at the outset
Germans the day

now Monday afternoon

on the 19th day of 
number one
on the
30th day/grade
of the 10th
sign in zodiac
blessed is he or she
who likes
to contemplate 
differences like these 

Sun tomorrow at 0,8° Aquarius
on Mars in the aeon of air-element
air Mars like every Mars

start of appearence and finish of latency
outbreak into appearence
in this new air-aeon
which severs us since New Year's Eve 1980
from the old air-aeon from 1186
us means: the part of Twins, Libra and Aquarius -
the air-signs - in us

Sun heart and center
be it in the cosmos or the corpus
archetypal bright day
squanderer for all
at night on the belly of the beloved
Sun heart center
now in Aquarius 
in  the parables of the borderlessness
of birds and human minds
and it's realms under the free heaven
of the world
are this week blazoned
by Sun
Venus and Mercury 
with strength supply and wit
in the spirit of Uranus in Aries
making Mars subserving 
to the heavenly on earth
today from Monday to Tuesday the secrets
of the prey-jump of the heavenly
become visible because today
Mars and Neptune
gods together of world and heaven
feast with blood and sense

and early Wednesday Mars singer and unveiler
on his quiet foray through the Pisces
silently over the mighty resonance between earth and sea
of 6,8° Pisces with earth-Pluto
and 6,8° Virgo with fire-child Neptune
invisible structures in the solved
and veiled fire on earth
and in the secrets of chronists

and whether human brains conciously follow or not
gods or travelling archetypes
are not to impede
unrecognized they are simply missing then
in the conciousness the weight of those in the heavenly parable
of Aquarius
- united Venus and Mercury -
with their kernels of security
as well as the blessings of the third
in world and I
in short the weight of these kernels and arrays
are steppin in concurrence to the time-weight
of fitting dispensations
in the heart of the hemisphere
in Leo
in contradicting partnership of spirit and soul
air and fire
in elementary copulence
Mercury in narrow circle arround
Venus in the earliest beginning of the week
past midnight in the clear convulsions
of Venus-Jupiter resonances which evoke
 this rubbing on the orange gown
on the belly of Venus at the edge of the dream-surface

and in his new position in Sagittarius without new record
before facing the virtual gods of the fire-element in fatherly spirit
for the coming weeks
Saturn today  looks at the final act
of Sun in Capricorn
when the heart takes measure a last time
and then furls the book thoughtfully
and faces the picture
and the dugout of the dreams keeps on its night-rides
under the moon-tree of the hemispherewhile letting the sleeping souls dance on the brooks
over the high valleys of Capricorn  in the dragonfly-dugouts
while underfloating borderlessly the winged brooks under the sky
with  attentive dreameyes in Aquarius
while finally taking along the souls into the eternal streams
tiding around the time in Pisces
and while again launching to the screams of the newborn
on weekend in Aries

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