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End and Beginning

3. 9. - 16. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air und Water
from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 und 1305
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 Murnau Buoy

Heavenly Water Levels
from Monday to Monday

(the most important

3. 9. 2015
and thereupon based on

Chronicle of Signs and Times
as Heaven in Earth and Earth in Heaven Mirroring Constellations of the Wandering Lights Over the Northern Hemisphere

Motivation  to perceive
school of observation
of  the 
astropoetic inclusions of the week
for own musing
 about the similes
 of the heavenly given above the earth

in the sun-planet-family

 Carl Jung warned against man. "All danger for men emanates from men."

This week we dangerous beings move through maybe the most dangerous constellation
the chronicler has seen until.

Uranus conjunction Mars square Pluto.
All lights in Aries are bringing yet hidden entities to the surface, out of the background to the foreground.

Uranus the uplifter united with Mars the igniter.
Coincidentally the souls of the dead are sending  their resonances on Plutos waves.

Yet no earlier humans have described this constellation consciously.

And what may the outcome be?

We know from depth-psychology, that all rooms with contents which are not introduced to consciousness, are immediately unconsciously filled with projections.

So the mind of the chronicler was frightened already weeks before this "first-strike-constellation", which however, what else should it be, hopefully is just a first-strike-projection.   
Mars the igniter? The provocation? The historical aggression?
What exactly now does the NATO- fleet under leadership of think-tankistan in the Black Sea?

But doesn't Uranus show and doesn't his realm Aquarius mean the sublation? So tells the nature of the element air, the light one, assigned to Aquarius anyway, and the sign of its ruler is unambiguously directed upwards.

Then the sublation of Mars, rife with strife, would be a variety.
Anyway - Mars in Aries points by all means to commencements, to beginnings.

Mars in the first zodiacal house united with Uranus: it's about inception, the beginning or the spring of man.
Aquarius-painter Max Beckmann, drawing upon the unconsciousness of the Pisces the extra-temporal
meaning -gestalten in primordial images, has among his "Triptychs" this one:

Max Beckman, Beginning, 1946 - 1949

  Anyway – next Monday we will know, if we are still there and - if we survive this constellation - what constellation should as yet scare us?

Say, the dissolution of a uni-pol? Coming Neptune square Saturn?

America is fending off,  for better or for worse, against this dissolution of her phantom uni-polarity
 But if the north-pole would say: there is no south-pole - I'm the only pole - would it change anything really in the course of things?
So there will be another week in the fore-field of the Neptune = dissolution of a unilateral determining Saturn = father-model in the land.
  And this week is adding Mercury as witness and narrator submerging on Friday into the Pisces, i.e. into the backgrounds of truth. He will even meet Neptune the childlike god of the infallible truth. What a bath for all liars.
In his ambulation, that might be noted, Mercury will meet a truly densely populated stretch with "aeon-people".
On Tuesday it is Pluto of the water-aeon in whom the emotional fidelity is anchored and who bestows Mercury with breath and words.
On the early Saturday it is - again from water-element -aeon - the "green" Mars, signifying the energetic charge of feeling since more than 700 years, being here to meet at 0,3° Pisces.
And on the same Saturday  it's finally at 1,6° Pisces the Moon of the earth-element-aeon, waiting for the wandering characters to encounter a nest for life here in the depths of goodness.

Also on the ground of goodness, since Pisces, is Sun moving solitarily for another week.
And in her Leo-court -life are encircled by Jupiter the emotions of the world dwelling in the hearts of the beings. Jupiter cherishes their acquiescence in families as which in the 4th mirror of the zodiac the Jupiter-Sagittarius-spirit is mirrored by the bridal depths of Cancer- Moon- feeling, water-element.
Carl Jung calls "feeling" the value-function.
Through Jupiter in Leo a branch is drawing over to Saturn in Sagittarius, and over to Pluto in Capricorn -
from life to coincidence to timelessness.
This chain plays in the ramifications of Sun, whose red ball currently belongs to the heavenly child Neptune, whereby, including the square-resonances, the entire earth-heavenly family finds itself  installed on the stage of the week.

Thereby Venus another week underway following Mars rambling without territory.
And father Saturn this week halting his slow walk and beginning a return march
as slow, which will lead him till begin of summer once again back into Scorpio - till middle of September - where he will in the end of Scorpio in August thwart Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Sun ...

And by the way is Saturn till middle of April in the court of red Mercury at 4,9° Sagittarius of the fire-aeon since 1603. That is a slow visit and a long unification of the lights of fire-Mercury (fire=radiation, Mercury=information) with the light of Saturn as the cross of elements founding in the earth.

And Moon still encircling Earth in the lap of his orbit and with Moon the flowers of the night are moving around the earth which want to flourish in the souls of the sleeping.

And after the weekend in Libra this fair environment was left Monday before noon.
And till Thursday it is the completion of waiver exercised in Scorpio being elicited off the dream-meadows by heaven.

And till Saturday forenoon then in Sagittarius the dream-values of effective nexuses.

And subsequently it is the cross of things and symmetrical structures waiting for the boat of emotions in capricorn for the weekend.

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