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Hunched Mars while Venus Learns of Uranus' Toppling the Shop and the Anonymity of God in Everyone


 9. 7. - 16.  2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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"The essence of conscience is the concentration upon relatively few
contents being preferably increased to utter height of clearness.
As necessary result and precondition the conscience has the exclusion 
of other contents being also capable of conscience. This exclusion
  causes  inevitably a certain onesidedness of the conscious 
content.  As now to the differentiated consciousness of the
civilized man an effective instrument is given for the 
practical implementation of  his contents, so with the
increasing formation of his will a growing danger is rising of
 aberration into onesidedness and the digression into law- 
and rootlessness. Admittedly this is on the one hand the
possibility of human freedom, but on the other hand also
the source of endless adversity of instinct. The primitive man
 signalizes himself - on behalf of nearness to the instincts, 
like the animal - by neophobia and boundedness to tradition.
According to our taste, he is awkwardly underdeveloped, while 
we praise the progress. Our progressiveness on the one hand
indeed enables a lot of most beautiful wishfulfillments, but on the
 other hand piles a likewise gigantic Promethean dept, which
from time to time require redemption in form of  fateful 

C.G.JUNG, Über die Archetypen des kollektiven Unbewussten.
(On the Archetypes of the Collective Unconsciousness) Coll. W. IX/1, § 176.

The entire oeuvre of the Swiss modern saint C.G.JUNG, which mundo walked through from vol. 5 to 18 in three decades,  is an earthly home of the heavenly Aquarius, Dionysos, thinker and astrologer in man as creature, consciously mirroring the caller God.


the left


is becoming

in this man

in a moment

belonging to Uranus

conscious of itself

whilst following his heart

for all


26. 7. 1875, 1924
Kesswil, CH

science of the soul
of Sun Moon and the other lights
of shadow
of floating roundel water
within the rotating
axis of the psyche
rich in imagery
circling us
from outside like
deep inside
with the six
creational calls from above
mirrored by the lower qualities
of the four elements
and the lower half of the soul
of instincts and desires
of nature
generating with each other
all colors of nature

JUNG is the walker
on his own walk of life in Swiss
approach  to the completion of man
parleying all the 'material'
that the one encounters
- now the astrologer speaking -
if one understands the 12 heavenly 'landscapes'
as that 12 'funnels' of archetypes
which JUNG in 
tender and loving care
carved out with his patients
via their
and ideas
of the unconscious
inflowing psychic 'building material'

Mundo enjoys consciously the advantage of the 'mountai' JUNG, which has a front side and a back-side
consciously left blank by JUNG.

front side JUNG
 respectful verbal shunning of the zodiac
back side: astrology
 respectful conscious verbal shunning of myth
time as quality

so to speak
the northern face 
of the JUNG mountain

37. Week

it remains
yes what remains
of the unique I, having
walked it's way to the end
each day
to behold
the 'material' the heavenly

and  forever is the beginning
 Spring - Aries - fire
anywhere in you and me and everything
at some place or character
it's the element
of quickness and singularity
Aries is before union
there is
the drive out of the the narrow

of the sexes
the male
(likewise in women)
of the elements
eternally the fire
in which Mars
the hungry  hunter and caller
since end of June
is 'personally' attendant in his
own early  blind  time
full of energy and rage

nearly succeded in territorial
but almost only 
since today 
walks retrograde

only on  January 2. he will be again
 at 28° Aries
and will then as looser
step into Taurus
where he has nothing to gain
after more
through former conquered territory

and till middle October
Mars will have resonance with
putting him in his place

so much for Mars
and the energetic fiery
pointedly riving
but yet blind
of the Anthropos

of which
the master in defense
 takes the  baton
of time 
for her 30 grades
of Taurus

Venus herself is
in her first week in the realm of the  fiery playful 
whenever Venus enters Leo
she always has with her
of the lower half
of existence
the provisions and reserves
hence Leo is
for Venus a tempting

the wall between play and stock
in Leo
is thin and exposed to passion
in this state
 instinct can't solve
so it's called for wisdom
and  conscious reflection
which are not in us
as 'young idiots'
if Leo fire prevails
the reserves will be burned
(watch Venus in the
if  Taurus' avarice of Venus  prevails
the heart is threatened
by topor in sorrow

Venus in Leo
currently is in the game of 
hence reserves - and - prudent - provision -
shaped - willfulness
by control
of the players

this Virgo sagacity
( in Anthropos like in Sophia)
this week undergoes
the yearly heavenly marriage ...
of Sun
with Neptune
divine child
 innocence of water (feeling)
with opposite-partner
Sun in
matureness of earth
Virgo - Sun
 prudent heart + divine child

so this is certainly a week, interesting for all of them, in whom the inborn child, Neptune, free of all inborn  guilt, 
was allowed to become mature adult. In those now. most interestingly, is Mercury the surveyor and narrator in our conscious and unconscious apprehension bustling on the acres of Libra- Venus - without resonances from the family (but mirrored by Virgo-Sun).

Mercury was again on the historic 'Grandola-conjunction'  of earth-Uranus and fire-Mars = change of the scene and new beginning on the level of Twins and Virgo.

And on weekend  Mercury will reach the new  Kingskonjunction in the element air , which in 1980 took over from the old one of 1186.

The meaning of air is  to Mercury accessible in a limited exten , because Twins apprehend the sensual perceptive world, for the emotional world of Libra and the and spiritual world of Aquarius they lack the optical input from the depths and highs of the unique.

 12. 31.  1980
Kingsconjunction in the element air

the 'thinking' element
in the the temporality and non-temporality of meaning
Libra and Scorpio
in the passion of the upper half of the passionate soul
ruled by  conserving spirit of Sun in
with a 0,8° wide crack
for a new Mars
child of earth slipping into

so, like always, our lower and upper parts are in demand, be it directly as our own ones, or of our partners, friends and neighbors, to whom we and by whom we are   committed the non-sensual sensually.

For the weekend: Mercury in the mirroror of Sun = gold, mirroring the prudence of love.

And Venus will go in resonance with her guest Uranus, toppling the shops.

Riddle: How many signs are directly and indirectly ruled this week by Mercury?

Murnau, 9. 9. 2020, UTC: 21:06.


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