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Wave and Push in the Valleys of Light


2.9. - 16. 2022 
0:00 UTC

under the northern zodiac 

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"I perceive the term "radio-active" as  equivalent to
  "numinous", which secundary also can be "synchronistic".
Radioactivity as temporary feature would correspond to
a constellated archetypus. By the latter,  it seems, are
 outgoing synchronistic effects, but not from the latent 

C.G.JUNG, December 1956, Letter to Wolfgang Pauli.

In this connection fitting is the manifest of the two superpowers, released  with the begin of the Olympic Games on last Friday, 2.4.2022. It's momentous. It's release happened on the day in the year, when 

Sun in Aquarius

preparation of presence in time
in brightness and the dynamis 
of warming

was in conjunction with
the senior father
signifying in Aquarius
the backbone and borders
of coming presences

Aquarius in the zodiac
is signifying the second day
of creation
where heaven and 
are mirroring
in the

second mirror

last Friday the sign 
of  consensus of policy
on highest level
of 'Rita', the divine law
on Earth happened
What a promise
on the planet
should the impossible
become possible
in the end 
in a certain extend?
the zodiac 
 God's help
 since the beginning
 ordered by  pulse of  light
in the chaos of being

2. 4. 2022,  12:00, Beijing

the chinese precision and the russian decission waiting for the true third

Each astromundane diary 

done by whoever

collects  annual rings

of consciousness of changing

of meanings

of time in ordered rings

around human life

 at places where human consciousness


makes accessible

the ensouled flesh

in which the spirit

reminds the orchestra

of the common 

acoustic in the


like a centroversion


2022. 6. Week

in the elements and quarters
after the summit
of Sun 
with Saturn
in Aquarius
 spiritual summit
of the male heart now
on the fifth day after

 true 'winged' text
 common manifesto
 no 'Journalist'
having sucked out  of his paws
but been created
parallel to heaven
to be recognized by educated men
as constellation and preparedness

while for the uneducated men
heaven is an abomination

only to women 
to whom
is given another half of the day of creation 
after Adam
by evening- birth of Eve
in addition
 to the morning-birth of Adam
to the woman
the zodiac is easy familiar
in it's
 their child-speak
in which God is speaking
to man
 ordered chaos to 
in circles
 of year
and day
around our star

God of allverbreitet godness

and so in the midst of contemplation
man himself appears
in the order of the zodiac
each one in his own
twelvefold followup
whith whatever the birth
fields in
never ending wheels
of the nano.fine
and the
with the 12 
and houses
of creation


our swiftest constricted
yearning to break out
on the way
in the tenth sign
 to 15° Capricorn
moving to  meet with


herself still slow after her
retrograde period
 forward moving  again
but catched up 
by  slow Mars
at 15° Capricorn
for two weeks swifter
plant-eater caught up by meat-eater
and that in the height of 
complex spirit behind 
temporal chaos
it's pattern and measures

Mercury and Pluto
in  realm of Saturn
cut back
on meaning and form
by the pureness and
of the anonymous

fitting for the collective realm of the father
Mars Venus Mercury Pluto
the blade
the armour
ther flag
the waiver
called for reminder
the border of temporality
which each  living
has a life long
while father Saturn self
staying in the spirit
of the creator
 scooping off
the sea of meaning
waiting ahead of time
to be woven
into the horizon of the son
who knows the fatherly meaning
of living collective presence
of spirit
mirrored by families
of man

opened by youthful heart
of Aquarius


mirrored by spirit in flesh

 Uranus in Taurus

man's herds of unconscious spirit
rich of blessings 
in the the background
of unconscious blessedness
 lacking consciousness of
might be recognized
11. time and sign
of the day
in the origin
 of the Eurasian
on the planet

which by a sick 'civilization' daily is
thrown with crap daily
and constantly


on closer inspection is to be seen
a last week for speaking and narrating
the daily partial truths
of the sacrificer Pluto
before again entering Aquarius' realm
of origin
with roots to Earth
via Uranus

Mercury returning towards meaning from Saturn to Uranus, from tradition to origin, firstly to the stage of a 'twelve year old in the temple'.

To the rational mind, accustomed on visibility, if he excludes soul and even spirit, is inaccessible  the relieving home in the structure of time: equally, threefold, fourfold, tenfold, twelvefold, inconceivable, but daily experienced reality, unconscious but experiencable for and by the spirit.

zodiac - space - time

navigators of actuality

short: the effectice

in the child-speak of God

it's plain enough

conf. Psalm 28

and the zodiac ascends

upwards as meaning 

Pisces up

to Aquarius

and seeks in the mirror

under the horizon of being

the mirroring valley of light

and wave and push


romping down 'throug the beloved

- a dream -

deep at the pulse of the male and female being in univers

Murnau, 2.9.2022, UTC 17:07.



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